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ID 539957

Fiona Li

CMU Master. Motivated consultant with PwC experience proficient in complex data analytics and professional presentations. Tech savvy and detail-oriented.

ID 294538

Salil Navgire

Data Scientist at @rank-style , Machine learning and Natural Language Processing Enthusiast, studied at @nyu

ID 825006

Ruijuan (Rosa) Zhou

Master in Chemistry; Highly educated in bio-medical engineering; passionate in data science

ID 506397

Michael Balint

Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer; Led R&D projects at Accenture, Lockheed Martin; Degrees in Applied Math (Cornell) and Computer Science (Johns Hopkins)

ID 449976

Nathan Hennon M.A.

Advanced Data Analytics with a strong background in Consumer Behavior and Demographics

ID 531637

Minjoon Park

Software engineer with theoretical Physics background

ID 428488

James William Hamill

I'm a student of Psychology and Entrepreneurship with previous work experience in marketing, and social media for tech startups.

ID 133267

Eli Gild


Entrepreneurial technology and operations executive.  @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Computer Science '99, @harvard-business-school '05.

ID 10710

Lawrence Chernin

Large scale real time machine learning

ID 284605

Harrison Wang

Berkeley EECS, Data Science, Software Engineer, AI/Machine Learning Focus

ID 576745

Steve Fleischer

Data Scientist, R&D Leader

ID 720601

Dongyu (Criss) Guo, CCRA

Berkeley Statistics; good data mining skills(RMS, Morgan Stanley), Catastrophe modeling, Exposure Analysis

ID 444109

Takeshi Kitazawa

Japanese MBA. International business development expert.

ID 760029

Lai Turn

Stanford 2015.

ID 112666

Neil Sharma

UC Berkeley Engineer and Startup Founder. I build tech and design product.

ID 374067

Clark Gates-George

Worked at @adstage - MA Economics at @sjsu

ID 850443

Dingjie Wang

Yale statistics grad, worked in Germany as data mining analyst, love R,SAS,SQL, learning Python, great with customer segmentation and targeting

ID 263743

Shruti Jain

Masters CS,USC Exp:Research Asst @Information Sciences Institute,USC. Asst Software Engg, Accenture India Java Dev,Data Analysis, Visualization, Mobile App Dev

ID 158062

Josh Dulberger

head of product @estimize, [email protected], r&[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Grad Center, [email protected], [email protected]

ID 847240

John Yim

Masters from Cornell Comp Sci; Specialize in Cloud, Big Data, and Emerging technologies. Worked internationally in 20+ countries.

ID 517545

Michael Tich

Cornell masters engineering, data analytics, business consulting. Looking for job starting in December in SF area

ID 564027

Weili Geng

Working at Google. Worked for eBay and SAP. Applying for the data scientist role at startups

ID 843569

Neeti Tulsyan

Studying MBA at Santa Clara University with a major in data science

ID 460648

Joshua Spertell

UCSB Math/Econ. Data Analyst. Investments, Business and Statistical Analysis with 5+ years of experience

ID 820435

Arjun Shah

Actively seeking Internship opportunities for Spring/Summer 2015 | CS Graduate Student at San Jose State University

ID 670367

Shila Patel

Data analytics & Strategy professional with a passion for growing/improving businesses, experienced in market research, marketing, sales, finance & operations

ID 505915

Ivy Peng

MBA Graduate. Worked for Kaiser Permanente as Data analysts, also experienced in Startup working environment. (strong accounting and marketing background)

ID 752904

Tracy Hirai

Analytic Mind, Creative Heart | Data Analyst

ID 769511

Paige Kim

Recently graduated from University of California, San Diego, with a BS in Management Science.

ID 820657

Ryan Selewicz

Web Enginerring & Design at SCU | Intranet Product Management, Web Development, UX, & Analytics at Adobe | Photographer | Yearbook & Digital Publishing Guru

ID 540125

Pratyush Adhwaryu

Experienced MSIS, software engineer, with skill set in business intelligence, data analysis, project management etc. Worked at SanDisk and Kaiser Permanente.

ID 251668

Shashi Prakash

MS in CS 2010, Worked at Cisco, Machine learning expert, Messaging Security expert, Experienced in building Web applications in LAMP.

ID 251564

Yashaswini Kotresh

Student at Columbia University pursuing Operations Research. I have strong background in data science. I worked at analytics in Mu Sigma Inc, Hewlett Packard.

ID 611081

Robert Logan

UCSC Mathematics and Economics double major - December 2013; Aspiring Data Scientist; Startup Background (UCSC Business Design Competition).

ID 372996

Robert Boehm

Principal Engineer, Software & Systems for Automation, Process Control & Data Analysis. 17 years practical experience delivering solutions for cutting edge R&D, capital equipment, distributed automation, smart grid and process control.

ID 338217

Vibhuti Bhushan

Experience Technology professional. Launched first Flash Array at NetApp. ERP consulting at SAP. Expertise in CRM, Analytics and Big Data Analytics.

ID 626157

Pradeep Nalabalapu

Computer engineer looking for an opportunity in a startup to gain experience in web technologies and data science.

ID 335089

Yochai Paz

MBA candidate at Hult international school, Industrial engineer with management, project management and data analysis experience at Intel Corporation and IDF

ID 639391

Umang Shah

Actively looking for an intern/Fulltime opportunity to work in a challenging environment that would enhance my knowledge in the field of Hardware Engineering.

ID 265735

Prateek Rajan

NDSU CS, Very Strong hold on JAVA, Experience in machine learning, information retrieval and Web development, quick learner and avid speaker.

ID 763456

Akhilesh Kondra

Actively Looking for Spring 2015 Internships Interested in Big Data Mining and Java application development and Selenium Automation |Ms in CS @ SJSU|

ID 827521

Manjari Gautam

Data Analyst Enthusiast, Student on F1 in Bay Area, Looking for Internships

ID 743100

Sindhusha Doddapaneni

Actively Seeking internship/full-time job in Big data analytics & software development.Oracle Certified Java Programmer.Graduate Student in Computer Science

ID 322577

Julio Garcia

Web developer

ID 611906

Verlyn Fischer

Product Management Leader | Big Data | Analytics | Machine Learning - 15+ years software product management experience

ID 493256

Shweta Dhamapurkar

Masters SJSU 2012(Software Eng),Working @ CAPCO as consultant in technology for finance clients,Learning R

ID 772821

Sai Vignesh Ramachandran

I am an experienced analyst with a passion for data exploration and analysis. I love extracting complex data and analyzing it to bring out meaningful insights.

ID 457728

Tanmay Kulkarni

UTD Masters, Worked at, Infosys Ltd and Techlead Pvt Ltd. Interested in end to end software development, machine learning, game development etc,.

ID 831462

Vamshidhar Reddy Rapolu

Software Developer Intern at Ziontech Inc

ID 798365

Jarrod Swanson

Co-Founder of Dapsity Job Search App (Over 1 million swipes). Dedicated to the User Experience. California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo, Economics 2010.

ID 660574

Sharath Kumar Dhamodaran

ID 637798

Tejasvi Bojja

Actively seeking internship/ full-time position as a Web Developer,Mobile App Developer, Data Analyst.

ID 836940

Ankita Kapratwar

Actively looking for Spring 2015 internship opportunity | Computer Science Graduate at San Jose State University

ID 551399

Sri Tej Narala

CS Grad Student -San Jose State University | 4 Years Experience in Java Development | Interested in Android/Java,Big data Analytics or Cloud based dev positions

ID 172376

Daniel Ooi

4+ years in Corp Dev for enterprise data center companies (NetApp, Brocade). Looking to expand horizons in data analyst, biz dev/strategy, PM, and other roles

ID 775323

Ashish Johari

Handled all Operation in a start up company

ID 814148

Vimal Chandra Gorijala

Actively looking for Spring Internship.Masters student in CS at San Jose State University;Worked at Sonata Software Limited.

ID 598700

Huzefa Siyamwala

Data Scientist at San Jose State University.

ID 139152

Fahad Zafar

M.S, Ph.D (graduating), Interned at Google+Amazon. Won a prize @ Stanford Hackathon. Written 5 android apps, 14 publications in 5 different fields of science.

ID 422331

Wang Lei

Data Analyst

ID 860090

Anshul Sharma

Fulltime Graduate Student with specialization in Software Engineerng with 1.5 years of work experience as Software Engineer with Tata Consultancy Services 

ID 837964

Malavika Karthik

Worked at Microsoft - Dubai, Published research papers on cloud computing and context awareness, , 4th position in ACM ICPC -Middle east

ID 834529

Piyush Seth

Seeking internship as software engineer , posses industry work experience of 3.6 years, Graduate student at SJSU, San Jose

ID 801220

Yogesh Wattamwar

Seeking a challenging Spring/Summer Internship in Software Development to gain valuable industry experience

ID 771120

Veebha Padavkar

Pursuing Masters in Computer Science, along with a 3 years work experience at IBM and HSBC sofware development, actively seeking for internship position

ID 505885

Govind Kalyankar

MS in CS, Worked in Juniper, A10 & eTouch , Mostly worked as web app developer, Published paper in Motion learning using Kinect Xbox & Machine learning

ID 815180

Siddartha Reddy

CS graduate student at SJSU, Actively seeking internships in areas of Big data analytics, Database Design and Development, Application development in C++/Java

ID 754494

Nachappa A P

Experience in Data Warehousing domain(3years) - Expertise in NoSQL Technologies along with machine learning models - Big Data Mining - Web development

ID 838362

Srijan Magapu

San Jose State University - MSSE, Research Assistant on campus and Instructional Student Assistant, worked as Manager Operations for IIIT - Hyderabad, India.

ID 594445

adel sadrolgharavi

Seeking internship / Co-op opportunities to apply my skills in a real-world situation and enhancing the skill set with full commitment to the organization.

ID 822976

Rahul Patel

SJSU economics, heavy background in economic/data analysis with sales experience at Nordstrom. Very hard worker, always continuing to improve myself.

ID 528842

Aditya Dev

Cal Poly Information Systems, work on campus for the business college website, love tech, music, and the future.

ID 494393

Ronnie Tung

San Jose State University Student. Working at Oracle Corporation. Interested in making a career switch from consulting/auditing to a more data analytic role.

ID 510290

Hassan Jafari

Strong Business/Data Analyst with Analytics focus. Seeking opportunities in Product Management.

ID 666682

Scott Davis

San Jose State BS Economics. Machine Learning enthusiast towards marketing analytics problems.

ID 802454

Niravkumar Patel

CS grad at San Jose State University. Worked as a Systems Engineer in a product "TCS BaNCS".

ID 681839

Abhiteja Gajjala

Masters student at San Jose State University - CS. Worked at Juniper, Cognizant. Looking for a challenging Internship to improve my skills and experience

ID 860964

Amit Chaudhary

Worked 2 years in Telecom Networking, Currently pursuing my masters at SJSU, Looking for intern/full time position in networking/network security/server admin.

ID 770634

Akrati Mohta

San Jose State University,Software Engineering Masters. Actively looking for an internship.

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