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ID 594445

adel sadrolgharavi

Seeking internship / Co-op opportunities to apply my skills in a real-world situation and enhancing the skill set with full commitment to the organization.

ID 800291

Yi-Ming Chen

Experienced product development manager; Creative thinking and Strong problem solving of new product system. Love new challenge and learning.

ID 787622

Byron Lei

President of Lambda Phi Epsilon, organized our first blood drive on campus, worked with AADP to put on a bone marrow drive at our school

ID 445064

Kristján Oddsson

Software engineer at Azazo. Worked at Arion and Glitnir bank, Iceland. Some experience with robots.

ID 656965

John Mark Tadena

ID 598640

Victor Frandsen

CS grad with 5+ years on site experience in tools and DevOps.

ID 771120

Veebha Padavkar

Pursuing Masters in Computer Science, along with a 3 years work experience at IBM and HSBC sofware development, actively seeking for internship position

ID 266257

Henry Canivel

USC MS. S/W dev, devops with experience in project management, IT consulting. Splunk architect. Entrepreneurial spirit, looking for devops opportunities!

ID 872984

Asha Khokale

Software engineer in C/C++; Experienced in analyzing business requirements and technology needs; Writing test cases and test procedures in Python and LUA

ID 129660

Samuel Chow

Director of Engineering at Agralogics. Hands-on, multidisciplinary PM/Developer in Mobile, Cloud computing, and Big Data. MIT Engineering and Management 2007.

ID 550735

Dave Dash

Full stack devops engineer.

ID 467237

Melissa Thorne

Successful producer/project manager. Experience working with off-site developers, outsourced talent, 1st & 3rd party publishers; supporting multiple platforms.

ID 127684

Mark L

Pioneering webmaster, technology evangelist, and DevOps professional since 1993: an engineer who can speak to business, creative, and developer passions.

ID 801220

Yogesh Wattamwar

Seeking a challenging Spring/Summer Internship in Software Development to gain valuable industry experience

ID 816284

Andrew Thompson

Linux Ruby Cloud DevOps Automation Engineering w/ a focus of process encapsulation and repeatable workflows for infrastructure as code worked at Apple & Disney

ID 447385

Brian Galura


Works at @citrix-systems • Worked at @british-telecom, @3com • Studied at @purdue-university • DevOps engineer • Real Estate investor

ID 883301

Robert Boucher

ID 798365

Jarrod Swanson

Co-Founder of Dapsity Job Search App (Over 1 million swipes). Dedicated to the User Experience. California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo, Economics 2010.

ID 818631

Don Nguyen

ID 845220

Sudhakar Mungamoori

Technology Operations and Infrastructure Engg Leader | Stanford Alum | Worked at eBay and PayPal | Cloud Services Specialist

ID 822717

Jodie Green

Available: Well-rounded Project Management Engineer with strong Business, Operations, Analytical, Coordination, and creative problem-solving skills!

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