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ID 223365

Dave Strigler


Track record building/mentoring teams,transforming marketing requirements into products. One of first software team members at six startups. Member of Sand Hill Angels

ID 84121

Tony Bako

Technology Leader. CTO at @mosaic-2, formerly VP of Engineering at @chegg, @cramster.

ID 4421

Ken Keller


Co-founder,, Cadence (SDA); emp #1 excite; emp #2 Frame. All but excite are current leaders.

ID 44757

Benjamin Shyong

Full stack engineer, Tech PM, founder experience. Electrical Engineering and Premed at @university-of-pennsylvania.

ID 78015

Ritik Malhotra


Co-Founder & CEO at @streem (YC S12; acq. by @box) • 2012 Thiel Fellow • Previously at @twitter, @intel • UC @university-of-california-berkeley EE/CS

ID 350

Paul Lo

Founder/Co-founder of 3 startups including 2RedBeans and Foodstream. Early Yahoo! employee & Principal Architect for Social/Membership platform.

ID 85039

Amit Gaur


Worked at @boku, @yahoo,@amazon, @samsung • Studied at @rutgers-university-new-brunswick, @indian-institute-of-technology-bhu-varanasi

ID 205767


Software Engineer at Yahoo Display Ads Group, C/C++ and LAMP.

ID 150612

Surya Vakkalanka


Founder @pixawe-3, @hutke-com • Worked @yahoo, @apple, @hp • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @virginia-polytechnic-institute-state-university, @indian-institute-of-technology-madras

ID 78028

Ram Viswanadha


Product engineer with years experience in management, software engineering, architecture of scalable websites and API development. Turns ideas into products.

ID 37482

Michael Borohovski

Co-founder & CTO @tinfoil-security; @massachusetts-institute-of-technology S.B. Computer Science, 2009. 1st startup in HS. Loves security, design, and algorithms/efficiency.

ID 36706

Jennifer Chin

Founder @launchbit. Previously built affiliate websites. PhD Materials Science and Engineering @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, BA Chemistry and Physics Harvard.

ID 241385

Parth Shah

Founder @kidadmit • Worked at @paypal • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 314080

Víctor Laguna

Founder @reclutec, @dsb-mobile • Worked at @yahoo, @vmware • Studied at @university-of-sao-paulo, @pontifical-catholic-university-of-peru

ID 110199

Nisheeth Ranjan

Co-Founder/CTO at @brightfunnel, @introrocket. Built @zamanzar-com tech/business, Worked at @trulia, @liveops, Netscape. @stanford-university MSCS in AI, @cornell-university BSCS.

ID 176116

Gagneet Singh

Co-Founder Skillsapien • Worked at @microsoft, @yahoo • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales, @australian-graduate-school-of-management

ID 798

Sukanta Ganguly


Founded startup in the broadband nw, consumer media and security space, PhD, MBA and serial entrepreneur & angel investor, working on the next exciting play

ID 281052

Kevin So

Founder @purple-1; Veteran engineer that worked at companies like @kabam , @shutterfly , @sidestep (Kayak), and @paypal

ID 144534

karan singh

Senior Software Engineer at Amazon MS in CS from USC. Research Assistant at @university-of-southern-california. Worked at @yahoo, @nokia and @thoughtworks. 5.5 yrs of work experience.

ID 27380

Vipul Sharma


CEO/co-founder @simppler, worked at @eventbrite, @digg, @proofpoint

ID 464912

Nelson Yang

Proficiency in using PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX to develop web applications.

ID 77268

Scott Campbell

Co-founder. Head of product. Built stuff @google , @viacom, @morgan-stanley, @contextweb (acqd by @pulsepoint). Now, building @paystand.

ID 133267

Eli Gild


Entrepreneurial technology and operations executive.  @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Computer Science '99, @harvard-business-school '05.

ID 210213

Tim Gupta

Founder of ShutterGuides • Worked at @ebay, @paypal • Studied at @illinois-state-university, @university-of-massachusetts-lowell

ID 288102

Eric Freeman

UC Davis '09, Web App Security Specialist, C++/C#/Java/Git--Javascript/Python/SQL/PHP/HTML

ID 31498

Tracy Osborn

Designer, developer, and founder @weddinglovely • @500startups and @designer-fund • Future superhero.

ID 187606

David Nelson

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer. Most recently at Autodesk. Single page apps, real time apps, optimizing UX, UI performance, TDD, AWS.

ID 213658

Doug Morgan

CTO/Co-Founder hopOn. Mobile Engineering Manager and Backend Tech Lead @surveymonkey; Worked at Adobe and Google; Georgia Tech BS in CS.

ID 384357

John Wahba

Law student turned web development.

ID 44997

Sam Ziegler

Co-founder at @locuslabs.

ID 37860

Sean Gates

Front-end Lead/Manager @progreso-financiero, Chief Architect and Co-Founder at @halftale

ID 46004

Akshay Krishnaiah

Delivering Merchant Experience at PayPal. First startup at 11, ruling the WWF Postcard Business in Bangalore.TiE fellow. Product Guy.

ID 54130

Erik Berls

Founder at CryptoSeal (YC S11). Previous experience at Google, KPMG Consulting (now Bearing Point). Software Engineering background.

ID 71669

Andre Oschadlin


At @linkedin • Founded several startups • Strong business sense • Studied at @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 266257

Henry Canivel

USC MS. S/W dev, devops with experience in project management, IT consulting. Splunk architect. Entrepreneurial spirit, looking for devops opportunities!

ID 379477

Brad Hochberg

iOS developer and User Experience Designer; Stanford CS; Worked at Apple, TiVo, Duff Research, Oracle, and a number of startups

ID 49631

Tanooj Luthra


Co-Founder & CTO at @streem (@y-combinator Summer 2012) • Previously at @microsoft, @mimvi-inc, @university-of-california-san-diego • UC @university-of-california-berkeley B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

ID 62785

Brian Delaney

UI / UX Design & Front-End Code

ID 516920

Eylem Ozaslan

UCLA Mathematics, full stack developer, cat enthusiast

ID 225911

Sasan Padidar

Software Engineer. Interested in solving challenging problems, concurrent & distributed systems. MS Theoretical CS.

ID 76555

Alok Mohindra

Experienced product manager with strong business (Ivey MBA) and engineering background in web & mobile (Python, Javascript), Analytics & Quant skills

ID 628126

Xin Wei

Worked at @trapit, @teradata • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 442546

Johan Mickos

A recent graduate with a passion for clean code and learning how things work.

ID 54665

Kevin Zittle

CTO of @govoluntr. Previously a trainer at @apple. Second tech startup, design consultant to small and large corporations. Teacher. Designer. Entrepreneur.

ID 560719

Jourdan Bul-lalayao

Full Stack Web Developer | Software Engineer | Video Game Developer | Developed Android application for Vigo startup

ID 168766

Jose Browne

I want to work on exciting projects that are making an impact.

ID 96588

Thomas Loh

22 / Software Engineer

ID 104640

Liang Huang

Experienced in designing and developing applications. Specialized in social media platform frameworks and service based data processing applications.

ID 318610

Sharvari Kapadia

• Web Programmer Intern at Cinequest • Excellent written, verbal and inter-personal skills • Strong passion for programming and software development

ID 177509

Alan Kharebov

Co-Founder @infometers-1, Investor @vcel, co-founder @exeros Experienced developer. Worked for Fortune500 and StartUps. Looking for the next thing.

ID 311904

Dallas Beek

CTO @weplann. Hacker-Software eCommerce guru. 13+ years @ebay & @intacct building solutions used on over 10,000 websites doing over $1 billion in transactions.

ID 111007

Chris Lang

Engineering Manager at @amazon. Ran mobile division for B&N/Nook. Founded first startup in High School. Launched CamVU in 1999, @m2stream in 2004, @pod2mob in 2005

ID 104449

Jing Zhao

Entrepreneur, developer, researcher, Ph.D. in CS, Co-founder & President at SocialDial

ID 308435

Steve Cartwright

Experienced and trusted industry professional with over 50 published products on Facebook, iOS, PC, and consoles Products and product lines have generated over $500M in revenue. Experienced running both small independent teams and larger organizations

ID 79169

Anthony Lee

Currently Android Engineering @google • Founder @spotivate • Worked @zimbra • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 69247

Jason LaDere

CTO, Co-Founder of Ziippi. Founder of Dooglamoo Studios. Entrepreneur, Software engineer, Artist. MS Industrial Engineering, BS Computer Sci. #500Strong

ID 43979

Chris Halim

Engineering Executive, Product Management Executive, Entrepreneur, Adviser and Investor

ID 521314

Dhaval Shah

Working at @appmesh • Studied at @santa-clara-university

ID 593291

Arsen Movsesyan

Sr. Staff Software Engineer @aarki

ID 215944

Anurag Phadke

Building Beautiful products

ID 46798

Hrag Chanchanian


Founder of Mesh Acoustics (July 2014). Former core-team at @qik (acquired by @skype for $150m). Former design lead + front end engineer at WiFast.

ID 66207

Max Loukianov

CTO at @gimme-3; worked at @ichat, Cisco, @openwave, @broadvision. @carnegie-mellon-university / Pittsburg Supercomputer Center. Rocket scientist turned software engineer.

ID 174643

Marco Santonocito

Founder of @squezy. 1st web startup out of high school. Strong technical background. Full-stack developer and designer @bidaway, @eversnap-pro, @infofactory

ID 23318

Anhang Zhu

Hacker at a social network. Founded a few bad companies. Consulted for a few suckers. Has a somewhat useful degree.

ID 217894

Henry Allen-Tilford

JS ninja

ID 429510

Joshua Payne

Developer @paystand

ID 50878

Salman Ahmed

Founder @we-created-it-1

ID 506397

Michael Balint

Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer; Led R&D projects at Accenture, Lockheed Martin; Degrees in Applied Math (Cornell) and Computer Science (Johns Hopkins)

ID 329072

Erik Farmer

Marketer turned WebDev seeking Junior Developer position

ID 22324

Derek Sine


Entrepreneur focused on building.

ID 478725

Abhinav Vv

Masters Student at UC, Santa Cruz

ID 61406

Amadeo Casas

Member @opsmatic, Founder @elasticbox, Researcher @samsung-r-d, Technical PM in .NET Framework @microsoft, and Ph.D. in Engineering @university-of-new-mexico-1.

ID 111492

Tony Diepenbrock IV

@university-of-pennsylvania-1 2013 // @mindops image recognition // SAP software engineer // @graphmuse virality booster.

ID 170434

Musawir Shah

PhD Comp Sci (real-time rendering, GPU). Sr. Software Engr at @yourmechanic, was Sr. Software Engr at @nvidia : DirectX 1x Core Dev., Tegra web rendering tech.

ID 317604

Navin Goel

Four years iOS experience, Computer Vision, Image Processing, MS, CSE, Worked at Oracle

ID 354352

Harikesh Kalyanpur

Software Engineer

ID 596663

Arun Nair

Full-stack developer • Co-founder @retailnext • @university-of-california-berkeley MBA, @indian-institute-of-technology-madras B.Tech.

ID 87805

Joe Xue

Sr. Supplier Quality Engineer, RAC at InSound Medical

ID 123701

Palak Chokshi

Cofounder of [email protected] Cofounder/CTO of @collective-li. Strong technical background. MS in Computer Science @university-of-southern-california

ID 508075

Nick Larson

Lead Rails Engineer at UpCounsel; Full stack; Rails; Backbone; SOA;

ID 589729


Graduate Student at San Jose State, Computer Engineering. Hands-on experience, strong hardware design and firmware skills. Determined, focused to innovate.

ID 280271

Neil Gupta

Founder @tabule • Developer & Designer • Problem Solver • Studied CS + Psych + Business @ Illinois Tech

ID 407426

Nick DeMonner

I live to code! Formerly founded @neon-1, @bzzybee, @athletishare. BA Philosophy from Santa Clara University.

ID 25676

Lars Føleide

PhD Entrepreneurship

ID 160190

Paul (Gi Hoon) Kang

VP of Engineering, Co-Founder @humanvest, Strong engineering background (@university-of-california-berkeley, BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences)

ID 174579

Matteo Scotuzzi

Worked at @eversnap-pro

ID 112666

Neil Sharma

UC Berkeley Engineer and Startup Founder. I build tech and design product.

ID 321644

Stephen Snyder

Founder @postcaptain; Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 70740

Marius Craciunoiu

ID 89173

Ryan Cook


Developer (C#.Net) at

ID 598586

Skinner Cheng

CTO, Transcense

ID 185531

Jorge Cuadra Fueyo

Founder @turboroof • Worked at @tastespace, @kuona • Studied at @instituto-tecnologico-y-de-estudios-superiores-de-monterrey

ID 542233

Jie Feng

Co-Founder and Chairman of, which help pair yos(young people) around the world before they are planning travelling or on travelling.

ID 55965

Keith Killilea

Founder @builderengine. Games Development since 1994 & Web Development since 1996. Code, Art, Sound, Design, Hardware, you name it + Exp. Business, Sales, PR.

ID 53517

Sagar Savant

Founder GPiO • HW developer at Palm @lab126  • iOS & RoR developer • Studied at Georgia Tech and USC • @startx Alum

ID 381699

Mariano Estoque

Working for @launchtrack (@500startups Company) Worked at @biogenex-laboratories • Studied at @mapua-institute-of-technology

ID 567436

Zhixin Liu

EE PhD, Expert in 802.11, Linux kernel/driver development, and embedded system development. Rich management experience and skill. Solid in coding and math.

ID 475726

Ei-Nyung Choi

Software engineer at Bay Area startups since '98, with three exits. I value collaborative teams, innovation, fearlessness, and a hunger to succeed. MIT grad.

ID 385083

Mark Bober

Architect & Project Manager at Apple Inc

ID 576745

Steve Fleischer

Data Scientist, R&D Leader

ID 177068

Jorge Vittes

Sofware Engineer @google, was CTO @gamedelphi • Worked at @plaxo (Comcast), and Oracle. @carnegie-mellon-university BS CS, @stanford-university MS CS

ID 19583

Saima Khan

Visionary Entrepreneur, Focused, Diplomatic. Over 19 years of Consulting Thought Leader, Professional, Fun, and Witty.

ID 714742

David Trinh

Web Developer | snowboarder

ID 228487

Mike McLaughlin

ID 186466

Arash Zolfaghari

Passionate full-stack developer. Enjoy working on both front-end UX design as well as backend design and architecture. Life long tinkerer of all things tech + Photographer!

ID 194450

Santhosh Kumar Saminathan

Experience with both front end and back end. Familiar with Java, Hadoop and front end technologies.

ID 568439

Scott Fromowitz

Founder OpenSpot • Worked at @hackerx • Studied at @florida-atlantic-university

ID 333722

Krishna Sankar

ID 20464

Ali Syed


Startup junkie. Founder iMyTechnologies, founder iMyPC, founder Cricket Craze (sold), co-founder @jad-wireless (sold)

ID 34167

Greg Holsclaw

Eng. Mgr & equity stake in Founder, Skejo Studios LLC (a sabbatical project), Lead Arch. of acquired Creator

ID 259830

Kevin Weiler

Full stack engineer & iOS specialist - Experience in startups (Pins, Inc.) corporate (NOOK), government defense (Raytheon), and contract work with BS & MS @ SCU

ID 34453

Devin Rhode

Working on some radical search stuff, subscribe to me and scout to find out when you'll be able gets answers faster than everyone else.

ID 107869

Roger Ly

Co-founder of StyleHills. Co-founder of txt2wrk LLC. Mobile and web engineer and architect. Maker of digital things.

ID 49555

Lu Wang

Founder at @reamaze-1. Passionate about Web Product Design. MSCS @stanford-university '06 w/ emphasis in systems.

ID 557296

Ashis Poddar

16+ yrs experience in 'turning ideas into reality'. Full PDLC, full stack engineer , building teams, eager to learn new things.

ID 69319

Alamgir Mand

Berkeley Haas, self-taught engineer, worked on three startups

ID 278100

Stephane Fourdrinier


Former Head of Operations @ Apple/iOS/Maps team (launched maps). Previous Infrastructure at Goldman Sachs. Founded Younix Networks/2002. Worked at

ID 165525

Jorge Zamora

Founder @amigoster, Founder @vidsocially, MSCS @university-of-southern-california, Full LAMP stack Engineer, Serial entrepreneur with experience in building web apps, Startup Engineer.

ID 327533

Daniela Rivera-Alvarado

Software Development Lead at DocuSign. Computer Engineer, MBA and current M.S. student.

ID 118090

Nicholas Wilson

I am a student at @lewis-clark-college College looking to kick off a career in software engineering.

ID 127684

Mark L

Pioneering webmaster, technology evangelist, and DevOps professional since 1993: an engineer who can speak to business, creative, and developer passions.

ID 49431

Jaydeep Singh

Full Stack Developer. Love coding, technology, startups and photography. 19 years old.

ID 594140

Jasvir Zonobi

Founder @kuveda, VP of Engineering at Advaiya, Staff architect @ebay, Sr. R&D Manager @vmware • Dev to Worldwide systems engineering manager @divicom. Graduate with honors.

ID 211611

Brian Barritt

Founder/CEO @alanax-technologies, a @nasa spin-off • Software Engineer @google • Computer Engineering BS, MS, PhD (candidate) and MBA.

ID 79896

Matthew Gartner

Graduate of @syracuse-university-2

ID 412506

Kevin Pearsall

Systems and network generalist, focus on reliability and adaptability; Worked at SGI, Roxio, VUDU, Slim Devices, Logitech, Zynga, LinkedIn.

ID 254538

Sergey Stupachenko

Love to make things and bring great ideas to life.

ID 593713

Chung Kim

Full Stack Web Developer with strong interest in Javascript(Node.js, Angular.js, Express). B.S. Accounting/Information Systems.

ID 143641

Raul Izahi Lopez

Founder @izahi @video-cores-com @oneredcar @tomorrow's Thinkers • Worked at @rgb-networks @intel @zoran @sgi • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 690

Vein Kong

Michigan and USC CS, thesis in multiple sequence alignment, Worked at Intel

ID 562663


Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 407753

Anthony Alvernaz

Duke CS student, published photographer, experienced IT support tech; passion for engaging, quality user experience and design.

ID 563239

Vishak Nag Ashoka

USC MS in CS. Mastered DFP Display & Video Advertising on all platforms. Currently working in IGN Entertainment as Ad Technology Manager (Coding full-time).

ID 164638

Ravi Bhat

Stanford educated, certified, software architect, in the web front-end industry. Experienced in full software development life cycles.

ID 465764

Wahyudinata Setiawan

Co-Founder @rightbuy. All stacks engineer, the Michelin man of developers.

ID 550735

Dave Dash

Full stack devops engineer.

ID 527765

Quoc Vu

Jack of all trades

ID 768078

Mayank Thanawala

Health care software leader. 15 years of experience, focus on security, simplicity, scalability and usability.

ID 150010

Bryan Barkley

Worked at @time-inc, @tripadvisor, @monster • Studied at @rice-university

ID 351778

Kurt Stoll

Broad range of software and hardware skills. Strong math background. 25+ years of experience. Stanford CS. U of M undergrad.

ID 151381


Software architect; 17+ years of experience in designing/building simple solutions to complex and large problems. Strong financial background (PayPal, AmEx, Citi,)

ID 282899

Mithran Mathew

Worked on mems reflective displays systems engineering for a startup and now Qualcomm.

ID 386796

Barbara Tam

Seeking an exciting role where I can utilize my QA experience in delivering amazing user experiences and products.

ID 140881

Asif Bashar

Wored @cisco Systems Inc - Founder @briefmine • Worked at @oracle-corporation - Worked @ Thomson Reuters

ID 252409

Pankaj Rajan

Texas A&M Graduate with strong research background and software development experience at eBay, Microsoft and AMD. Love to make and break things to disrupt status co.

ID 337646

Eva Roa

Fresh Jr. Web Developer, programming bootcamp graduate, ex-business lady, whiskey & bourbon enthusiast

ID 868481

River Liu

I am a proactive product manager with 4 years development experience and 4 years product management experience with 3 website management.

ID 522716

Bob Nill

Have more than 7 years of experience in software development. Work on web & mobile app development. Till now, we have uploaded more than 80 mobile applications on app store.

ID 537950

Nachiket Deshpande

7+ years of Linux platform experience, Web applications / Java back-end developer, VMware ESXi and Unified Communications expertise

ID 819315

Anoosha Papireddy

Image Processing/ Computer Vision Software Engineer looking for full time opportunities. Experienced in medical imaging.

ID 592324

Gonzalo Gasca Meza

Solutions architect, 10+ years experience in voice and video technologies. Worked at Cisco and AT&T Labs. Study @oxford-university

ID 247452

[email protected]

Founder and CEO of Prefixa. Entrepreneur and Scientist. 3D and machine vision expertise.

ID 261802

Henry Quach

Co-Founder @gotoclassroom, @pesome-1, @wheretolist-1 , @ilearnulearn. Studied at University of Saskatchewan, McMaster University.

ID 702089

Anish Dhar

Founder Homeroom • Worked @stanford-university-1, @mit-csail Studied @harvard

ID 699731

Paul Chambers

Chief Architect & Technologist; Generalist. >3 decades providing technical leadership & driving execution of successful consumer products across many markets.

ID 883301

Robert Boucher

ID 63340

Umesh Yennam

Founder @mobdb ,Co-Founder @raaz-mobile-1 , Worked at @panasonic-north-america @sony-pictures-entertainment

ID 258291

Avinash Anantharamu

Masters Student at SJSU ; Worked at Xilinx,Juniper Networks, Robert Bosch and Infosys Graduate

ID 263743

Shruti Jain

Masters CS,USC Exp:Research Asst @Information Sciences Institute,USC. Asst Software Engg, Accenture India Java Dev,Data Analysis, Visualization, Mobile App Dev

ID 268990

Andrew Long

Software Engineer at Orchestra (Mailbox); Worked at HP, Palm, Asyncast.

ID 818449

Minh Nguyen

Ardent defender of diacritics everywhere Stanford CS → Microsoft → Apple Cofounded Vietnamese Wikipedia

ID 635785

Connie Li

Rising Stanford freshman. Published writer & national award winner. Int'l DECA Business Operations finalist. UC Santa Cruz CS intern.

ID 63330


We are a group of game developers, scientists and artists who are in the process of changing the state of education through mobile immersive gameplay.

ID 737614

Nathaniel Shak

ID 10710

Lawrence Chernin

Large scale real time machine learning

ID 618231

Brian Tan

I am motivated and results oriented programmer seeking to transition into mainstream software development.

ID 412622

Bryan Stewart

Stanford CS, Accomplished Technology Professional who successfully leverages software development expertise to secure leadership position

ID 304140

Gary Rhoades

UC, Cal Poly, serial entrepreneur; biz and product development; part of 5 startup, most of which no longer exist in the form they started.

ID 452345

Roman Kisin

VP of Engineering and serial technology entrepreneur. Hiring iOS and WebUI developers

ID 531151

Vivek Hariharan

Built yahoo travel, extensive experience with large scale systems, advertising platforms and mobile analytics/experimentation.

ID 640145

Zack Steinkamp

Full Stack - UX, Metrics, Real-Time, Analytics, Security, Infrastructure, DevOps

ID 82581


Worked at @wells-fargo, @apple, @tata-consultancy-services • @bachelor-of-engineering-computer-science

ID 104577

Ashutosh Pardeshi

Recommind Inc.

ID 493219

Vinay Mavram

Passionate @university-of-california-san-diego cs graudate. Worked at @amazon and @websense Seeking full time backend software engineering opportunities

ID 441747

Utsav Popli

CEO of ameya. Strong technical skills, Risk taker, Thinking ahead of future

ID 645671

Ankit khera

Full Stack Generalist working at eBay Inc

ID 122693

Naresh Singhal


VP, Mobile Products at Trunomi, pioneering B2ME for the financial industry

ID 386702

Jeremy Edmonds

ID 405288

Krunal Vora

Java developer, Interested in back-end development, experience with Oracle and IBM

ID 491109

Maulik Fojdar

Seeking a challenging summer internship in a startup environment, passionate about web technologies.

ID 577862

Seyed Yazdi

Michigan CS, Texas A&M PhD. Worked at Qualcomm.

ID 500570

Joe Morales

Entrepreneur and founder, full stack generalist, love engaging customers and code to make great products.

ID 321670

Kevin Jung

Founder & CTO @qmi-systems-inc • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 363351

Elecia White

Wrote the book on embedded systems, shipped dozens of projects.

ID 531637

Minjoon Park

Software engineer with theoretical Physics background

ID 334385

Eric Castro

Founder @qmi-systems-inc • Worked at @cisco, @federal-reserve-bank-of-san-francisco • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 77423

Ritchie Martori

Founder at @deployd; 1st startup at 18; Built for Cisco, @microsoft, and @apple.

ID 337851

Joe Cao (PhD)

Expert in Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Networking. Worked in successful startups.

ID 599877

Austin Shin

Harvey Mudd Engineering, full time student, worked with Robotics Team 254 Cheesypoofs, launched an Android mobile app and in the process of creating another one

ID 287975

Kamyar Mohager

Staff Engineer, Developer Relations Team Lead at @linkedin. Previously engineer at @myspace and @shoedazzle

ID 426127

Deng Liu

ID 440855

James Wong


CTO at Acesse, 15+ years experience in Software, Internet, Mobile and Big Data. Worked at @google, @oracle-corporation, @cisco • @university-of-michigan

ID 548068

Dharini Ramakrishnan

Thinker and doer, Product Manager, Big Data, Mobile, SaaS

ID 513140

Doug Blaalid

NFS engineer by day @netapp, lead iOS developer by night @strengthportal, cold-calling Jedi by weekend @repairtech-inc. Electrical Engineer undergrad @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 365610

Edwin Villanueva

Developer and Self Starter

ID 84975

Adam Brooks

Electronic communications professional, instructional technologist and new media strategist. Specializes in new media marketing, communications and eLearning.

ID 90721

Rohit Patali

ID 667787

Carmelo di Nolfo

Currently doing Master Thesis at IBM Almaden Research Center

ID 233451

Denis Baranov

Hands-on Software Architect and Technical Leader; erudite; investor. Self-starter, get things done and strive to do the right thing.

ID 587609

Lin Jia

7 years experiences of C++ development. Full-stack engineering (Backbone.js, html, CSS, jQuery, node.js, MongoDB, RESTful architectures);

ID 431242

Vanessa Archambault

Maps and data nerd. Environmental advocate. Worked for non-profits, small companies and big companies such as Apple. Infinite curiosity.

ID 329362

Anoop Suri

JavaScript lover, among other things.

ID 97405

Alejandro Varas

Worked at @eversnap-pro, @witoi, @lookup and teaching Django. Love to deliver quality software.

ID 521250

Kuo-En (Michael) Hung

Cornell Master Student

ID 83964

Michael Kaye

Software Engineer, Mobile/Cloud Architect, Consultant. Android, iOS, PaaS

ID 523743

robin jacob

Sr Product Manager at @qualcomm • Worked at @motorola, @qualcomm Ventures, • MS at @UTA , MBA at @berkeley

ID 427095

Eric Yuan

MS ECE student at CMU focused in embedded systems; Worked at Mobile Power Lab and GE Healthcare; Worked on many embedded system projects

ID 565267

Sammy Sidhu

Worked at @UC-Berkeley-EECS, Studying EECS+Math @berkeley, interested in large data sets, algorithms and tough engineering problems.

ID 29689

Utkarsh Sengar

Worked at @ebay, @redlaser • Studied at @san-jose-state-university and @birla-institute-of-technology

ID 670213

Patty Ho

Columbia CS MS, Full stack generalist, worked at Hewlett-Packard and Visa, Quick learner, Team player, Committed, Responsible, Organized, Detail-Oriented

ID 710214

Kerby Johnson

ID 613167

venkataraman valady ganesan

MS Software Engg graduate, Front-end developer, have experience building Android apps and back-end development. Worked at Paypal,Lam Research.Looking for jobs

ID 233939

Sunder Chitturi

ID 245762

Richard Sparrow

Founder Percero, Inc. • Worked at @deutsche-bank, @clixtr

ID 877324

Bharath Mukundakrishnan

A generalist, Mechanical Engineer with 7+ years of CS experience

ID 648965

Luiza Carneiro

University of Waterloo CS, worked at Netscape, worked at startups, full stack, Java specialist

ID 839551

Ashley Wang

Seeking software engineer internship positions

ID 446469

Krishna Arji

Software engineer with experience in building salable enterprise software architectures. Excellent combination of engineering, management and business skills 

ID 421803

Francesco Maria Ferrari

Founder of Play Palo Alto. 1st Prize Winner at Palo Alto Hack Challenge. Software Developer part-time contractor at Cisco Systems. Engineering student at UCL.

ID 579763

Manoj Andhappilly

Startup technologist with 15 years of experience. Been in founding roles, most recently was Director of Engineering and very first employee at Motif Investing.

ID 311566

Mohd Irtefa

Co-founder at, Full Stack Developer, Worked at eBay and Groupon, UIUC Computer Science 2014.

ID 533895

William Chen

Launched 1 Windows phone app

ID 214381

James Wong

CTO of Acesse

ID 294538

Salil Navgire

Data Scientist at @rank-style , Machine learning and Natural Language Processing Enthusiast, studied at @nyu

ID 402310

Chintan Sheth

Full stack generalist,working in early stage startup

ID 375608

David Lee

Web Developer

ID 688595

Saideepak Budaraju

Full stack engineer experienced in NoSQL Databases, Node.js, Python, Web Scraping/Mining and Big Data technologies.

ID 362723

Zack Ulrich

Michigan CS graduate. iOS Developer. Developed and launched four iOS apps. Looking for job in mobile development

ID 519803

Lianhao Qu

Columbia Computer Engineering, Bay area, looking for a software developer position.

ID 225099

Kendall Chuang

UIUC Computer Engineering BS, Georgia Tech Comp Eng MS, Qualcomm Hardware Engineer, NanoCellect biotech startup hardware, iPhone/iPad Consultant/Developer

ID 825006

Ruijuan (Rosa) Zhou

Master in Chemistry; Highly educated in bio-medical engineering; passionate in data science

ID 341588

Aaron Ledbetter

Founder Social Lending Fpc

ID 238381

Pavitra Balekai

University of Michigan-CS,research oriented,Love to work with customers!

ID 204239

Hae Jeong

Working @pintrips Worked @castlight-health

ID 527010

Jim Lin

UMichigan Grad-Computer Engineering.Strong experience in embedded software(TVs, mobile,and wearable sensors).Highly knowledgeable regarding sensors and systems.

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 509330

Iryna Rybenko

ID 217562

Ravi Tadi

Love Web Applications. Working at @Tesla, Worked at @ebay, @A-E-Networks • Studied at @Umich.

ID 839915

David Clifford

Software Engineering Manager that can still code like a Lead.

ID 591087

Ali Houjeij

UIUC Computer Engineer, working my own startup while working as an engineer at Cisco, love web backend!

ID 359887

Shilpa Modi

UC, Irvine, iOS apps developer, embedded systems developer, worked on multiple iOS apps. Worked at Qualcomm, Microsoft, and UCI

ID 308731

Edgar Miranda

Flash, flex, game development, Corona SDK, iOS Applications

ID 167809

Gokul Kavaturi

Strong diverse technical background. Webmaster and fellow pirate. Worked at @broadcom, @dell-inc • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 296683

Kristi Tsukida

Engineer, Thinker, Creator. Love solving problems, hacking code, and doing new things. :D

ID 705319

Prashanth Bangalore

An accomplished Software QA Lead/Manager specializing in test automation and regression with extensive experience in the complete life-cycle of QA process

ID 60555

Vipool Prajapati

Founder at AppLocal.Com a location-based app discovery engine. Founder at Xoom Solutions, a mobile design and development company. MS USC, MBA SJSU

ID 355800

Sanjay Mehta

Software Product Development executive at 4 different startups, two had successful exits, one is still operating. MS in CS and MBA.

ID 595813

deepti chafekar

Ph.D. CS from Virginia Tech,

ID 800182

Meghan Stader

ID 531921

Jessica Lanford

Senior-level tech writer for networking and semiconductor software; experience in simultaneously managing multi-platform documentation solo or as a lead writer.

ID 518496

Tania Gandhe

Software Developer at Oracle inc. Quick learner and looking for a dynamic environment.

ID 104712

Ankush Srivastava

Software developer / user interaction researcher

ID 502551

Edward Tseng

Web developer/[email protected]+Xilinx/USC Marshall MBA

ID 540339

Navepreet Brar

Student, programmer, and entrepreneur studying Business and Computer Science at UC Berkeley

ID 386614

Vishnu Nair

UIUC CS Masters, Backend Engineer - Advertising tech @ Yahoo!

ID 682799

Deborshi Saha

USC CS; Full stack generalist; Launched an app and wrote backend frontend and APIs to support mobile application; Worked at NetApp

ID 413754

George Runcie

17 years in Software Engineering. Positions range from Developer to VP of Engineering, which includes experience in all aspects of software project development.

ID 804098

kun zhang

USC EE, Embedded Software Developer, successfully built up a monitoring system based on ARM boards

ID 385019

S Rakesh Barthur

Worked closely to successfully achieve the prof of concept in PXE boot over network

ID 738247

Swapnil Raut

Highly enthusiastic Network Software engineer. Interested in accepting Challenges and responsibilities.

ID 735980

Chen Zhang

Cornell Computer Engineer Master's

ID 618753

Abhishek Shet

Member of Technical Staff at TIBCO Software Inc. MS in Computer Science from University of Southern California

ID 478343

Rohit Joshi

UCLA CS, Worked at Microsoft

ID 628710

tuan nguyen

Berkeley CS, Strong in System SW engineering, Embedded Platforms

ID 284605

Harrison Wang

Berkeley EECS, Data Science, Software Engineer, AI/Machine Learning Focus

ID 108222

Reilly Sweetland

Co-Founder at @followupthen. Previously founded successful software services firm Internet Simplicity (2003).

ID 435480

Nathan Basanese

CIO, TeraRAM. VP, West General. Taking a break from C.S. degree before transferring to try my hand at some real coding projects. Bitcoin, Ripple, Ven.

ID 788760

Rahul Kapoor

Experienced Test Automation Engineer with focus on Web Services and Front End Testing

ID 533177

James Wei

Berkeley EECS

ID 435756

Gary Garon

Software engineer by trade, Biomedical by circumstance. My Biomedical experience has lead me to a natural focus on quality throughout the development cycle.

ID 858799

Charlotte Tan

Network appliance over linux, worked on system level, L2-L7. Packet processing in C. Scripting in python.

ID 530701

Ankit Kalwar

University of Southern California Computer Science Graduate Student, Full stack developer, Worked at Infosys Ltd.

ID 186097

Fred Etemadieh

OSS/Enterprise Storage/Security Technologist• Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 847240

John Yim

Masters from Cornell Comp Sci; Specialize in Cloud, Big Data, and Emerging technologies. Worked internationally in 20+ countries.

ID 338088

Mike Wilson

Technical Product Manager and software engineering professional with emphasis on search, distributed large-scale systems, networking, and Fault-tolerance.

ID 805319

Yu Stephens Xu

UC Berkeley graduate, self taught web developer. Launched, platform for home cooked meals. Loves to build projects that would make a difference

ID 572929

Suraj Shetty

Software engineer

ID 579640

Manali Pethkar

Senior Applications Engineer at Oracle, San Jose, CA. Carnegie Mellon University, Master of Information Systems Management 2011

ID 417182

Maulik Shah

Interested in Full time Software Engineering Positions.

ID 122553

Joseph Attueyi

Cisco, UCL & LSE

ID 811678

Mai Le

Full-stack JavaScript engineer who values UX. BS from @santa-clara-university.

ID 411734

Charles Hsieh

Full stack web developer with extensive sales experience. Strong business background (UIUC EECS grad, 1st SMB sales rep at LinkedIn)

ID 622116

Shahab Layeghi

Senior Software Engineering leader and hands on coder, developed multimedia and mobile software algorithms and applications.

ID 512393

Ashneet Kaur Lattar

Graduate Student at San Jose State University. Actively looking for Summer Internship 2014 in Software Engineering.

ID 381462

Shaunak Kashyap

ID 858708

Locke Phan

Curious full stack Software Engineer. Fast learner, self-motivated individual who values collaborative work environment and embraces change.

ID 495036

Bob Burrough


First User, Blit It Inc.

ID 626157

Pradeep Nalabalapu

Computer engineer looking for an opportunity in a startup to gain experience in web technologies and data science.

ID 490256

Peehoo Dewan

Graduate Research Assistant at USC

ID 531683

Olivia Chock

University of California, Davis CS with a minor in Technology Management; Interned at Trend Micro

ID 326611

Eric Berlinski

BS, Computer Engineering; versatile new grad with professional experience

ID 552722

Cathy Han

Cornell University CS Major in the College of Engineering. Member of the Cornell Cup project team. Outdoors enthusiast. Hackathon fanatic.

ID 410969

Pritish Gandhi

Sr. Hardware Engineer at Oracle; Masters in Electrical and Computers engineering from Carnegie Mellon University; Interned at Cardmunch and Infinera.

ID 12046

Vivian Xue

Product Manager, Designer, Front-End Developer

ID 281389

Liang Dai

product manager with engineering backgroud

ID 706692

Ian Wessen

Front-end web developer and designer with a physics education.

ID 231202

Cuong La

ID 212075

Yi Ju Chung

MS student at UF, research assistant for Intel project. Worked at Academia Sinica and military service for one year each. (

ID 565837

dhivya mylsamy

Python programmer

ID 376367

Sasha Zivaljevic

Full stack generalist interested in all things Javascript.

ID 103315

Ajay Ravindra

Co-founder of @eventyoda-1. USC alum. Worked at Cisco. Performing artist. Hiker. Volunteer at India Literacy Project. Dog trainer.

ID 613117

Yi-Chun (Aiko) Lin

Master Student at UW HCDE seeking for front end developing internship opportunities; Interned at Microsoft, with CS, management, and UX background

ID 323881

Doug Kreider

Experienced Quality professional at building high performance test teams in both Startup and Mature business enterprises. Thrives on hands-on experience and "do what ever it takes" to deliver great products. I believe in empowering team members and recog

ID 252809

Akanksha Saxena

USC CS Grad, JAVA fanatic; actively looking for challenging position.

ID 467835

Lakshmana Srinivasa

Won "On the Spot" award for excellent performance and delivering very critical project, Have been appreciated by the manager for solving difficult problems

ID 782323

Siddhesh Dindorkar

MS in CS, works in brocade for 5+ years on L2, L3 forwarding & Routing team, have worked on BGP, OSPF, VRF, GRE/IPV6 tunnels

ID 517545

Michael Tich

Cornell masters engineering, data analytics, business consulting. Looking for job starting in December in SF area

ID 858828

Xuan Tang

CMU 2014 New Grad, Software Engineer at FixStream Network Inc

ID 372533

Kevin Watt

Expert online community product manager and developer. Lean-startup founder of the largest poetry community online. Looking for a start-up style team & variety

ID 722333

Zijian Yan

UWaterloo EE, Works at Twitter, Launched bootloader for Samsung tablet, worked on device drivers for Blackberry phones.

ID 251668

Shashi Prakash

MS in CS 2010, Worked at Cisco, Machine learning expert, Messaging Security expert, Experienced in building Web applications in LAMP.

ID 500368

Nicolas Bauer

PhD graduate from TU Eindhoven. Strong analytic skills, lightning-fast learner, can write clean code and artist at heart.

ID 554435

Dreema Patel

Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington, @san-jose-state-university

ID 167985

Phu Bui-Quang

Co-Founder @hooztrippin; Worked at Tecca, Rotten Tomatoes, IGN, and GameSpy.

ID 806014

Shufan Ge

Graduate student at Columbia University.

ID 521068

Geetima Rai

MS student at CMU (ECE), Software Engineer

ID 481332

Wenjie Huang

UCSB ECE, Distributed System, Parallel Computing

ID 271837

Dibyo Mukherjee

Full stack dev interested in all things green. Worked at @ibm, @flashstarts @apigee • Studied at @allegheny-college.

ID 688557

Armin Mahmoudi

Co-Founder @fixo • Co-Founder @triposhare • @the-next-36 Entrepreneur

ID 181381


Worked at @Google, @San Jose State University • Studied at @SJSU, @USFCA

ID 463109

Daniel Kimbel

Junior Web Developer, Javascript/Ruby, Full-Stack

ID 136043

Toby Butzon

embedded/kernel/system software guru ruby enthusiast ex-web monkey

ID 878222

Mark Shuai SUN

Software developer, with solid computer science background, who have tried large corporation and is willing to make thing in small and growing companies.

ID 869796

Vijay Gumudavelly

Texas A&M, College Station - Computer Science

ID 706717

Amey Pathak

USC CS, Working as a Software Engineer at Nimble Storage

ID 368691

YM Han

Columbia CS, full-stack engineer, visual designer

ID 457598

Frans Kurniawan

Mobile Apps Developer and IT Support, Worked at Vensi Inc and JPMChase Morgan &Co My website and project can be accessed at
http://[email protected]

ID 285064

Skanda Guruanand

CS Masters student, USC, Worked at Infosys, May 2014 Graduate, Strong background in Systems & Application Development. Actively looking for Full Time Jobs.

ID 395395

Snehal Shah

Founder @social-city Worked @rockon Technologies • Studied @illinois-institute-of-technology, @visveswaraih-technology-university

ID 370082

Gagan Jain

Experienced Developer

ID 570523

Rohit Chawda

Hardware Design Intern at TSMC | Grad Student at USC | RTL, Physical Design | FPGA | Computer Architecture Seeking opportunities to utilize skills beyond classroom.

ID 513615

Ben Marten

B.S. IS, University of Cologne; Excellent iOS Software Engineer; Worked for Accenture, Unicredit, Volkswagen & Deutsche Post; Launched a couple of Mac/iOS apps

ID 525980

Tushar Rawat

Test Engineer @tesla-motors

ID 789968

Gustavo Catarino da Costa

MSc Software Engineering student at Santa Clara University. Looking for summer internship in product/project management.

ID 831572

Huy Pham

ID 540260

Gunjan Patel

Lead PHP Developer

ID 683190

Fred Mak

Software Design, Development, and project management.

ID 812753

Jermaine Chan

Waterloo CS, worked at Intel, Blackberry, Electronic Arts; 7 years experience of c++.

ID 830909

Steven Ngo

Experience working from small startups to large corperations. Contiuned to develop and polish coding skills.

ID 139736

Zhenhuan (Zhen) Lei

@columbia-university IEOR , work @ibm @consulting, looking for data/analytics or PM roles

ID 672958

Sidhant Kanchan

Recent UCLA Graduate; Strong Programming Skills; Quick, Enthusiastic Learner

ID 744130

Abhinandan Prativadi Bayankaram

USC CS ; Worked at CISCO systems

ID 461544

Rahul Gollarahalli

Worked on a third person shooter game named "Conclave". ""

ID 669323

Daniel P.

Full Stack Javascript Generalist

ID 517907

Zaheer Syed

Determined EE/CE student at @university-of-california-los-angeles with internships at @lawrence-berkeley-national-lab, @qualcomm, & @infinera.

ID 350794

James Watson

CS Graduate from USC; TCP/IP & VOIP background; Web Programming Experience; Backend and Application engineer; Worked at Cisco Systems.

ID 619268

Isaac Ball

USC Computer Engineering and Computer Science, currently working as Tools Engineer for IBM

ID 764029

Eric Shyong

Hacker School student/UCLA MechE, self taught, learned about Compilers, Operating Systems, gaining Web Experience

ID 475474

Kevin Lawrence Gan

UCLA CS, Biosystems - Statistical methods engineer. IT/Operations and Video Systems Modeling @vuclip. General stack programming

ID 445064

Kristján Oddsson

Software engineer at Azazo. Worked at Arion and Glitnir bank, Iceland. Some experience with robots.

ID 585915

Pooja Tejura

Front End Developer

ID 523342

Amala Rangnekar

USC Graduate student(Computer Science), worked at Genesys International and startups like 9K9, Monte Carlo solutions LLC.

ID 349958

Sree Balaji Varadharajan

USC CS, Area Of Expertise - Networks, Working at Ebay as Network Security intern, Mobile App development - for fun and still learning

ID 161161


New College Graduate - Spring 2012. Interned at @intel • Studied at University of Texas, Austin- B.S. in E.E.. Seeking entry-level/junior coding position.

ID 235116

Moon Bae

C/C++/Java little bit of GUI development with Java, python, android

ID 510413

Stefan Vainberg

UCLA CS, currently work in and seeking job in native iOS development. 2 apps on iTunes app store.

ID 666241

Swaminathan Nandakumar

Experienced leading local and offshore teams, risk taker based on available data, motivator and process builder

ID 338550

Yue Bai


ID 483383

Shashank Agrawal

ID 406840

Nishit Chokhawala

USC MS in CS. Developed an Android application as hobby! Complete Scala course on Coursera with Distinction.

ID 646693

Hugo Rodriguez

Worked in commercial-technical application system in Telecomuniactions and Transport sectors in Peru
http://in construction

ID 152671

Lütfi Demirci

Young Entrepreneur; Product Guy; Ruby & iOS Developer

ID 562792

Naveen Teja Jangalapalli

CS Graduate Student looking for Summer internships as a Software Engineer/Developer

ID 692963

Stephen Hastie

Former Senior Systems Engineer at BAE Systems in the UK. Worked on Eurofighter Typhoon - Displays & Controls and Training Systems.

ID 554039

Manav Kataria

Won Hackathons • Led Teams to Success • Built Innovative Products from Scratch • Interested in New Product Development • Studied at IIT Bombay

ID 382732

Lonni J Friedman

Driven, dedicated and focused

ID 677444

Padma Priya Garnepudi

Over 3 years of experience in software development using OOP language

ID 525697

Arjun kapoor

Seeking a full-time opportunity that allows me to utilize my analytical and programming skills in software/web/application development.

ID 146474

George Langdin

Founder @hotlinehq • Worked at @icsolutions • Studied at @university-of-california-davis

ID 265735

Prateek Rajan

NDSU CS, Very Strong hold on JAVA, Experience in machine learning, information retrieval and Web development, quick learner and avid speaker.

ID 472742

Mahtab Haider, MBA. CISA

Mahtab Haider Is a Leader and a goal-oriented Senior Executive/Technologist with over 12 years of demonstrated industry experience working with C-Level execs.

ID 814062

Patricia Di Pietro

RPI CSE/CS, Full Stack .NET Developer

ID 700446

Jawahar Balaji Thirumalaisamy

MS computer Engineering student at San Jose State University, looking for full-time opportunities in Embedded systems / OS / Computer Networking sector

ID 564027

Weili Geng

Working at Google. Worked for eBay and SAP. Applying for the data scientist role at startups

ID 767367

Puneet Pal singh

Seeking a challenging Opportunity as an intern/full-time Professional in the field of Software Development.

ID 568480

Jaideep Katkar

Looking for QA position

ID 617347

Amitabh Sural

Founder @carserv • Worked at @intuit, @citrix-systems • Studied at @iit-bhu , India, @state-university-of-new-york-at-buffalo

ID 609897

Swapna Menenzes

ID 150436

Hengkui Wu

Founder Phonone • PhD of Physics. Studied at UCD

ID 144830

Sofiya Niaz

Worked at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst-1 • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst-1, @anna-university

ID 761468

Ravindra Gangurde

IIT Bombay (Engineering). Worked in two early stage start-ups in 1990s. Developed and managed many s/w products and IT systems.

ID 494275

Kevin Cardema

Santa Clara University CS, Efficiency Seeker, Very Adaptable

ID 545223

Sthiti Deka

Graphics Software Engineer with 10 years of industry experience in image processing, openCL, GPU

ID 540125

Pratyush Adhwaryu

Experienced MSIS, software engineer, with skill set in business intelligence, data analysis, project management etc. Worked at SanDisk and Kaiser Permanente.

ID 525580

Sanjay Gurnani

Software Development Manager/Generalist/Hands on when needed, SaaS application experience, Startup experience, Successfully delivered many production grade enterprise releases under tight deadlines.

ID 514666

Sujith Nair

Software Engineer || recent/New Graduate || MS Computer Engineering

ID 877830

Darrell Klotzbach

ID 529898

Haoming Zhang

Software Engineering Intern @cisco . Pursuing University of San Francisco CS master.

ID 632624

Harita Parekh

Looking for internship in the field of embedded systems

ID 627094

Francesca (Mia) Garbagnati

Junior Web Developer Seeking JavaScript or Rails Opportunities

ID 620259

Michael Campos

Santa Clara University Graduate seeking entry-level position in iOS development

ID 503158

George Chih

Newly-Graduated master student at National Chiao Tung University

ID 765151

Bhavik Sanghavi

Cisco Lab Admin at SJSU; designed lab topology. Worked at Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys ltd.

ID 530055

Victoria Hall

New Grad, Computer Engineer specializing in web development and software.

ID 577214

Praveen Gubbi Prakash

Worked at @amazon-com-1, @schneider-electric • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington, @visveshwarya-technological-university

ID 592911

Xiaoxing Zhao

ID 800533

Aaron Chung

Current Senior at Santa Clara University, CS & EE. Cisco Software Engineer Intern (two-time). Current part time backend developer. Multiple hackathon wins.

ID 820657

Ryan Selewicz

Web Enginerring & Design at SCU | Intranet Product Management, Web Development, UX, & Analytics at Adobe | Photographer | Yearbook & Digital Publishing Guru

ID 796154

darshita shah

Santa Clara University, Masters in Computer Science , Software developer

ID 76423

Iyad Qumei


Senior Consulting Engineer specializing in the deployment of Linux and opensource projects in embedded systems.

ID 629802

Gaurangi Bhangale

Worked at @tata-consultancy-services • Studied at @san-jose-state-university, @university-of-mumbai

ID 500977

Chul Kwon

Won Grand Prize at LeadingAge HackFest, and Google Prize, Microsoft Prize and Intel/AT&T Challenge at HackMIT and Hack Duke; Presented at the Clinton Foundation

ID 617058


Software Engineer of EFI; Internship at Microsoft; Syracuse University CS MS.

ID 625955

Prijila Nair

Versatile Software Developer;Zest to learn new technologies

ID 605645

Akrm Almsaodi

A highly motivated Embedded System Engineer seeking a challenging position where every day is full of learning opportunities.

ID 590940

Sushant Potdar

Graduate Computer Engineering Student, looking for internship in the field of firmware and embedded software.

ID 593702

Kavish Parikh

SJSU Masters Software Engineering, I Year Experiance. Strong Computer Science Fundamentals.

ID 562616

Malcolm Ahoy

Web Application Engineer at @yola , specializing in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Backbone.js, SQL, HTML, and CSS.

ID 614875

Neha Joshi

Actively looking for full time summer internships. Interested in Software Development and Computer Networks domain.

ID 509761

Pratik Gaglani

San Jose State University S.E, Enterprise System Technologies, 2 years of work Experience with Infosys.

ID 307478

Dan Sell

Technical knowledge meets broad business experience (Juniper Networks, Investment banking) JavaScript, MBA, CFA, Finance, Strategy, and all around good guy

ID 765034

Ameya Mahajan

Software Developer, Exp 3+ year, Java development, Data Warehousing (SQL/NoSQL) and Big Data technologies.

ID 559623

Aditi Phadtare

SJSU Software Engineering, Enterprise software engineering specialization,Java Rest API, Json , MongoDB , Android ,

ID 550039

Pavan Kumar V

ID 594342

Praachee Gokhale

Looking for summer internship 2014

ID 542276

Yash Bathia

Currently working on OpenStack, Looking for full time Software Engineering role, San Jose State University, Graduation-May 2014

ID 783469

Sashank Surapaneni

Inter Developer, Working on dev drivers test suites for network interface cards.

ID 496854

Prerana Patil

San Jose State University Software Engineer, worked as a QA, automation testing with Selenium Webdriver

ID 595973

Mahesh Chudasama

Currenly Interning at Synaptics, Worked at IBM India, Computer Engineering, Embedded System, Firmware, Device Driver , SQL, Linux,

ID 514153

Amitava Bhaduri

R&D lead at Intel; Founder of; VP innovation at; architect arduino projects; Also a PhD in Computer Engineering and a half-marathoner

ID 510352

Craig Sennabaum

Founder of AndBrand. Worked as developer at ReferralMD and Lockheed Martin. BS/MS Industrial Engineering

ID 707086

Neeranjan Deone

Computer networking Masters , 4 years work ex in Cisco in networking software with emphasis on infrastructure layer,layer2/routed protocols ,scalability

ID 563739

Tarun Reddy Challa

Computer Science Graduate, Actively Seeking Full Time Position | Availability - Immediate

ID 364629

Jia Huang

PhD graduate at Drexel in Information Science. Experienced in Content and Social based recommendation.

ID 372996

Robert Boehm

Principal Engineer, Software & Systems for Automation, Process Control & Data Analysis. 17 years practical experience delivering solutions for cutting edge R&D, capital equipment, distributed automation, smart grid and process control.

ID 652375

Yu Liu

Purdue ECE M.S., Good command of Data Structures and Algorithms, C++, OpenGL, PL/SQL & Oracle, Windows API & MFC programming

ID 383606

Prudhvi Teja

Product execution, Worked at @cpm-matrix, @trv-trading • Studied at @university-of-auckland

ID 487234

Veenu Agarwal

Graduate Student at SJSU, pursuing MS in Software Engineering with Enterprise Software Technologies specialization. Keen to work in a professional environment as an intern. Inquisitive to learn new stuff, Worked on cool academic projects

ID 264237



ID 447017

Sahil Badla

Actively looking for Exciting & Dynamic Full time opportunity as a developer

ID 249964

Phu Vu

animation student at SJSU and game design student at AAU

ID 272633

Harish Dhurvasula

Software engineering manager; Passion for web and mobile technologies; Worked at Netscape, VMware; MS in CS

ID 248329

Rohan Sahgal

Full Stack Software Engineer and Team leader: Java, Play framework, AngularJS, Javascript, SQL, MongoDB, Less, Bootstrap

ID 625840

Don Mamaril

Full Stack Software Engineer [ JavaScript, Angular, Node/Express, MongoDB/Mongoose, Agile Development ]

ID 797901

Viviana Yee

Boston University CS. 2nd year CS Course Assistant.

ID 679590

Sanjay Arichandran

A software engineer with more than 3 years of experience in Software test engg determined to strive for excellence and effectively contribute to a business

ID 463686

Suhas Shetty

Software Developer @amazon-web-services-1 , 1 Patent Filed, Published in @ieee Globecomm

ID 772803

Lisa Ha

Full Stack Web Developer

ID 506077

Jerry Eldridge

Unique problem solver, award winning technical product development professional with previous startup experience and a knack to get products to market

ID 611081

Robert Logan

UCSC Mathematics and Economics double major - December 2013; Aspiring Data Scientist; Startup Background (UCSC Business Design Competition).

ID 119219

Dan Simon

CTO of Pogoseat, built the technology and team from the ground up. Previously at Playdom, architected and managed the team behind the 4th largest game on FB.

ID 833409

Shiva Teja Madipalli

Pursuing Masters at SanJose State University in Software Engineering, actively looking for Summer 2015 Internship

ID 727331

Saurabh Rane

Originally a Biomedical Engineering student with a programming background looking to transition into tech.

ID 647167

LinCheng Wang

Technologies and management needed for research, design, and implementation in video codec, image processing, and embedded system

ID 167049

Jacob Zelek

Worked at @sst-systems-inc

ID 565927

Raghavendra Kumar

SJSU SE, Worked at Infosys as an app developer for 3+ years. Expertise in Java/J2EE. Worked on Android,HTML5,REST web services, Linux,distributed systems.

ID 135650

Renji Yu

Intern at @performix-business-services-llc

ID 496007

Lucy Chian

Pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science with Bioinformatics at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 567716

Shuchang Zhong

Master Student at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, computer science. Looking for developer position at Bay Area

ID 21523

Joseph Lee

creator designer dreamer

ID 861130

Phat Huynh

University of California, San Diego CS, Software Engineering, Computer Science Tutor, Consultant, Robert N. Chang Scholarship Recipient.

ID 751071

Rashmitha Jajur

Pursuing Master of Science in Software Engineering from San Jose State University. Actively looking for Spring 2015 and Summer 2015 Internships.

ID 619494

Santhosh Pininti

San Jose State University, MS CS, Looking for Summer intern

ID 341517

Anil Govindappa

Masters in Computer Science, Expertise in Software and database engineering.

ID 689386

Zhang Yao

Syracuse University CE Master. Plenty programming experience with C++. Familiar with Java, ASP.NET. Deep understanding in data structure and algorithm.

ID 508449

Enrique Wong

Co-founder of TIP Solutions, Inc ( - Mobile embedded feature where provides instant response to caller when you are not available

ID 687500

Franklin Paek

UCSD CS recent grad. Interned at Ad-Juster. Strong Psychology and counseling background.

ID 820435

Arjun Shah

Actively seeking Internship opportunities for Spring/Summer 2015 | CS Graduate Student at San Jose State University

ID 519089

Brandon Carl

Software Engineer at @apple • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 556277

Tony Zhang

Software Development Engineer at Microsoft, JHU CS & AMS

ID 473276

Ankit Agarwal

@ucsd CS student, Launced 1st startup in high school, Internships at top tech companies such as @twitter and @salesforce, Full stack devleoper

ID 422108

Chi Xing

ID 866671

Aparna Shikhare

Computer Science Graduate student at SJSU with work experience of 2.5 years with Infosys

ID 343132

Phu Ta

Testing 123, Testing 123

ID 660574

Sharath Kumar Dhamodaran

ID 672152

Vigneshwar Meyyur Gopinath

3 Years of Experience in Web Development, Software Development, Performance tuning on large scale Databases, Automation and Quality Assurance

ID 410815

Archit Joshi

Team lead & Mobile Dev. Worked through full lifecycle of products in the enterprise and consumer markets. Studied at @syracuse-university University.

ID 492288

Rajagopalan Madhavan

MS in Software Engineering at San Jose State University,Web Developer in WIPRO,Looking for summer internship

ID 686192

Siyao(Cindy) Cui

Master Degree in Computer Engineering with GPA 3.91, skillful in several OO programing language, good at ood design, and familiar with networking protocols.

ID 289081

Giftson David Paul Jebasingh

Worked on Java J2ee forn2 years with Infosys. Have profound knowledge about Jsp and servelts. Developed Css and have good experience with My Sql and Sql Server. Have experiencenin c# dotnet. Have also developed a few web services as a part of masters cour

ID 559905

Varun Chalasani

Masters Student at San Jose State University, Hands-on experience on many latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, QA Automation. Worked at San Jose State University

ID 609892

Emily Marsh

Quirky but ambitious. Determined, and energetic and looking to learn and grow at every opportunity. (Have Full Resume available upon request)

ID 882036

Wenxiao (Shawn) Duan

Java, New Grad from PennState, Software Engineer, Machine Learning, Did intern for startup in bay area, Live in Bay area, Looking for full-time.

ID 294131

Sudharshan Ramakumar

San Jose State Software Engineering, 2+ years of Java expereince. Worked extensively in Java and XSLT. Have intermediate knowledge in JavaScript, Python and Php

ID 477675

Roy Lee

ID 685800

Ryan Kuo

UCSD CS, New grad, Web development (back-end or full-stack)

ID 679324

Sudharshan Ramakumar

Looking for new college grad positions in software engineering

ID 115296

Shriram R

Technical Generalist

ID 232801

Ravi Bhargava

developed products in production at various companies

ID 520768

Kanika Bhatia

Software Engineer

ID 725627

Prachi Dalvi

Actively looking for Fall 2014 internships in the field of networking

ID 499281

Reinaldo Espana

Co-founder Payment Power Inc, Computer Engineer @wichita-state-university , Worked for Customer Service Organizations in the Telecom and Banking Industry

ID 792305

Tejaswini KotamReddy

Graduate student at SJSU; Smart Phone Application Developer; Cloud Computing and virtualization major.

ID 337501

Javier Li

Developer at IBM; UCI Bren School CS grad

ID 376547

Pradeep Dewda

MTS at VMware. MS from University of Florida,. 3 yrs of software industry experience.

ID 379378


Software Automation Engineer, Android tablets/smartphones

ID 453410

Vinay Rambhia

Application Developer having scrupulous understanding of various phases like Requirements, Analysis, Design, Building, Deploying and Managing Application Developments.

ID 154894

Dihang Wu

Graduated from University of Florida major in Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management

ID 561545

Nandu KC

Backend Developer, Core java, J2EE developer

ID 531858

Ninad Kanade

Worked at @new-york-university • Graduate Student at @new-york-university Skills: Networking, Security, Signals, Medical Imaging, Wireless

ID 241316

Derek Hunter

7 years e-commerce at Apple. Content and Release Management.

ID 823954

Vishram Urankar

Strong application development skills with quick turn around time and high quality. Quick Learner. Customer interaction exp. Worked at Cisco, Amazon and TCS

ID 205570

Akshay Baheti

Worked at @airtight-networks • Studied at @pune-institute-of-computer-technology Passionate about technology.Give an opportunity,won't disappoint.

ID 508869

deepak mudiam

Student Computer Science, looking for an internship beginning Summer 2014

ID 758396

Kimberly Lin

New software engineer graduated from Hackbright Academy currently seeking a job to make a valuable impact

ID 779946

Jacob Jasser

Electrical Engineering degree from UCSC. Solid and dynamic background in the following: C/Python, Circuit Design in orCAD, Embedded Systems.

ID 649366

Miriam Levy

Software Engineer at Inmarsat. Worked with Nasa and Fujitsu through Google summer of code contract. Business and process experience from consulting.

ID 635744

Duy Phan

Experienced firmware engineer with wireless networking development experience.

ID 823755

Srikanth Ashokkumar

UC Irvine BS and BA, worked at startup from ground level to fruition. Strong Web Development and Design background along with hardware and software IT,,,,,,,

ID 872984

Asha Khokale

Software engineer in C/C++; Experienced in analyzing business requirements and technology needs; Writing test cases and test procedures in Python and LUA

ID 714750

Tingshen Yan

M.S. in ECE at Northeastern University. Like web development, Love solving problems by programming and learning new technologies.

ID 563364

Swee-Doon Goh

Experienced senior software engineer with technical expertise in web application prototyping, development, implementation and testing.

ID 269973

Divya Ravichandran

Master's student Computer science, Ohio State, Amazon SDE intern

ID 752697

Divya Ravali Guntakal

Graduate Student at San Jose State University. Worked at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, India.

ID 820201

Manish Marathe

Seasoned back-end engineer; 5 years of Enterprise Architecture and Scalability experience; Team Player; Roll-up the sleeves and can-do attitude;

ID 571435

Rahul Puri

Worked at @northeastern-university University • Studied at @northeastern-university

ID 732721

Prakruthi Nagaraj

Graduate student at San Jose State University; Currently seeking an internship in field of Software Engineering.

ID 526151

Shobhit Gupta

Full stack generalist

ID 451415

Mattics Phi

New grad, bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Cal Poly SLO wanting to do software automation and QA.

ID 734992

Victoria Zhang

Worked at Abode

ID 792917

Vaibhav Sharma

Masters/Bachelors in CS, Proficient Programmer with get it done attitude

ID 550093

Parin Shah

SJSU | Grad Software Engineering | Looking for internship

ID 871762

Neeraj Sharma

SJSU Grad, 5 yrs industry experience, Worked with Comcast, Backend Engineer, Good with Databases, Data Processing, Backend Development

ID 453739

Naveen Dewda

Software Engineer @syncbak • Studied @university-of-iowa

ID 620351

Akshara Chaturvedi

Worked at @zendesk, @ellie-mae , @allscripts • Studied at @syracuse-university University

ID 705293

Zaicheng Wang

new grad master student, software engineer with background of hardware experience. OOD in C++.

ID 685418

Xi Chen

ID 577310

Jerry Beckmann

Done a bit of everything. hardware, software, test, infrastructure, management, support. I engineer solutions and understand the whole stack.

ID 552005

Yinfei Ru

Software engineer @ Broadcom since 2011, good c/c++/python skills, in depth Linux kernel, NetOS kernel, CPU architecture knowledge

ID 632460

Geetha Kardhalli Akkappagowda

Computer Science Graduate Student at Syracuse University; Worked as Software Developer at Tata Consultancy Services.

ID 712380

Prashanth Sampath Kumar

Iowa State CS, Full stack generalist

ID 592887

Yanjia Xu

Seeking for challenging Software Engineer/QA position

ID 445888

Yao Chen

Worked at @brookhaven-national-laboratory, @guangzhou-gise-gases-co-ltd • Studied at @stony-brook

ID 731192

Akshay Saini

San Jose State Graduate, Software Engineering, Diversified software engineering experience of about 2.5 years.

ID 584504

Joel J Chengottusseriyil

Graduate Student SJSU, Full Stack Engineer, Worked with TATA Consultancy Services Innovation Labs. Seeking Internship in Big Data/Web dev/Mobile App dev.

ID 545270

prachi shah

Actively seeking summer internship in Software Engineering and InformtionTechnology

ID 586327

Dechao Qiu

Software Engineering of Wuhan Univerisity and Peking University. I am a Vimer.

ID 726859

Mahesh Bingi

Graduate Student at San Jose State University | Software Engineering | Looking for Internship/Co-op opportunity

ID 569403

Dipti Chavan

MS Software engineering graduate student seeking internship in cloud computing , virtualization & software development

ID 576618

Prerna Bhandari

MS Software Engineering student SJSU; Actively seeking summer intern 2014;

ID 705271

Shamik Shah

ID 504599

Bhargava Narayana

Highly motivated team member interested in working in fun, challenging company.Internship got converted into Full Time on graduation.

ID 473219

Marcus Dunn

Veteran software architect with Silicon Valley experience (Netflix, Cisco). Expertise in cloud computing, java, web services.

ID 422331

Wang Lei

Data Analyst

ID 595756

(Harvey)Chuanpin Zhu

Full stack ruby on rails developer, running a deal recommendation website with more than 5,000 users

ID 652511

Qiaozi Ren

Bachelors in Software Engineering and Masters in IT, worked as DBA, experienced in both Java and J2EE

ID 585981

Samyak Shah

San Jose State University- Master's, Passionate, enthusiasctic and motivated. Looking for excellent opportunity

ID 836940

Ankita Kapratwar

Actively looking for Spring 2015 internship opportunity | Computer Science Graduate at San Jose State University

ID 748598

Jyotsna V

Chemical Engineering converted to software engineering, Believes in learning and improving.

ID 584777

Vijaya Kedar

Graduate Student seeking internship starting Feb '15, Proficient in Java, Spring, Android, Web Services, HTML, CSS, JS. Previous internship experience @intuit.

ID 604355

Shraddha Bhosale

Seeking Internship for Summer 2014; Graduate student at San Jose State University in Electrical Engineering

ID 581020

Virendra Kate

Grad student at SJSU EE.

ID 572927

Priyanka Aher

SJSU Software Engineering, 2years work experience as a Software Engineer.

ID 777666

Amit Dikkar

Graduate Student at San Jose State Univeristy. Looking for intern/co-op position. Worked at, Accenture.

ID 594620

Anand Dumbre

Graduate Student at SJSU majoring in Computer Engineering. Firmware and Embedded Systems guy!

ID 560834

Dharmishtha Patel

Computer Science student with experience in software development/ web development/ data base.

ID 537486

Michael Baril

Rochester Institute of Technology graduate; Worked at IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton; Passion for low-level development and beautiful code.

ID 772823

Geetha Pathi

Texas A&M CS, Full stack developer, Worked at large, medium and startups, Expertise in JAVA/J2EE,LAMP,Databases,CMS

ID 579505

Anubhuti Chaudhary

Looking for a full time Security analyst intern position for Summer from June 2014 onwards

ID 493256

Shweta Dhamapurkar

Masters SJSU 2012(Software Eng),Working @ CAPCO as consultant in technology for finance clients,Learning R

ID 370268

Pinky Tejwani

Looking to make a good career with Embedded Systems + WSN / Image or video Processing / Robotics

ID 582541

Sumant Murke

San Jose State University MS in Software Engineering, Actively looking for summer internship, Worked on couple of web development projects.

ID 139152

Fahad Zafar

M.S, Ph.D (graduating), Interned at Google+Amazon. Won a prize @ Stanford Hackathon. Written 5 android apps, 14 publications in 5 different fields of science.

ID 605116


Looking for an Summer'2014 Internship to gain industrial experience in Embedded/Firmware Engineering.

ID 671327

Ravitha Raveendran Geetha

ID 610992

Shashank Bargaje

Actively looking for summer internship 2014

ID 605358

Gowrima Jayaramu

SJSU Computer Engineering grad student looking for software internship. Will work for job experience.

ID 805009

Rui Chen

Information Technology and Management from Illinois Institute of Technology, looking for Software Engineer positions.

ID 322577

Julio Garcia

Web developer

ID 336977

Combiz Saleh

Aspiring Engineer, Inspiring Peer. CEO Study Savior. Web-app enthusiast.

ID 697946

Amruta Sali

Enthusiastic intern seeking to harness my knowledge in software development/testing in the areas of - Linux kernel module programming,DeviceDrivers,C,Python.

ID 720021

Vinod Murugan

M.S University of Maryland, interested in solving business problems and challenges

ID 582032

Abhishek Yadav

MS Software Engineering in Enterprise Software Technologies, Experience on Amazon Web Service, Restful Web Services, Python, Java, Hadoop

ID 380297

Yi Wen

seeking a challenging job

ID 251722

Joe Napolitano

UCSC CS. Hadoop platform engineer.

ID 416380

Swami Venkataramani

Founder @20-questions-1 • Worked at @yammer, @mentor-graphics • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 543581

Chandeep Khamba

Software engineer with 1+ year of industry experience seeking internships for Fall 2014

ID 738635

jessica zhang

Worked in Cloud industry

ID 394430

Danish Shaikh

CSU Chico CS ,Full Time,Worked at DRDO,Java Develper,Backend Software Developer

ID 628866

Bo-Christopher Redfearn

Founder BoCruise • Worked at @diablo-valley-signs • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 640553

Lavanya Pandramish

Worked as Technology Intern at MainStreet Advisors

ID 457728

Tanmay Kulkarni

UTD Masters, Worked at, Infosys Ltd and Techlead Pvt Ltd. Interested in end to end software development, machine learning, game development etc,.

ID 628807

Aysha Nijhawan

SJSU MSSE, Completed 3 projects in Virtualization and cloud computing, Java

ID 547434

Luwei Zhang

Seeking Challenging Software Engineer/QA positions in Computer Science/IT Position.

ID 597895

Viral Rajendra Agrawal

Graduate Student Looking for a Fall Internship in Firmware/Embedded System/Hardware and Software domain

ID 294006

Garima Agarwal

Seasoned iOS developer/architect in mobile space, released several iOS applications. I love to build good products, strong teams and customer relations.

ID 523866

Arpi Shah

Hard Working

ID 847807

Nisha Vishwasrao

Computer Programming student at UCSC Extension, Santa Clara. Looking out for an unpaid internship in Software development field.

ID 68809

David Le

iOS developer; Started with Big Nerd Ranch development course; Master's CS student at Wichita State University; US Military Veteran

ID 479400

raul bermudez

Managed order fulfillment operations and lead web application development team and managed world wide operational support team.

ID 805291

Xiao Lin

recent grad, looking for opportunities to make life better,

ID 462576

Theja Vangumalli

Studied at @san-jose-state-university. Software Developer Intern @posiq

ID 583799

Monica Thaneer

Actively seeking for Summer/Fall 2014 Internship in the field of Software Engineering

ID 850463

Swati Arora

SFSU(CS) Android application, smart alarm clock.

ID 623387

Mohanakrishna Machha

Worked at @idea-cellular-limited • Studied at @san-jose-state-university, @acharya-nagarjuna-university

ID 307319

Paul Wozniak

Worked at Cisco Headquarters in San Jose for 1 year. About to graduate with a Computer Science degree from University of Kent.

ID 755370

Jinal Gala

overview of appium.Testing iPhone/Android App of Moodme.Writing test plans, test case designing, test data generation, test case reviews, and defect management.

ID 571486

Dhanashree Chavan

Software Engineering student in San Jose State University,Cloud Computing is my specialization. Good Backend developer in java.

ID 834857

Uday Kumar Mankena

Graduate Student at San Jose State University. Worked on different type of Desktop, Web and Mobile applications, both academic and hobby projects as well.

ID 390136

Matthew Chamberlin

Self-starter with serious passion for machine learning and data mining. Background in math, physics, and computer science.

ID 775847

Nikhar Saxena

Software developer with 4+ years in networking industry with experience in system level programming, kernel programming, control & data plane programming.

ID 605791

Hasan Ergene

Founder Salamyou • Worked at @aquantia, @plx-technology • Studied at @san-diego-state-university

ID 763456

Akhilesh Kondra

Actively Looking for Spring 2015 Internships Interested in Big Data Mining and Java application development and Selenium Automation |Ms in CS @ SJSU|

ID 623383

Mohanakrishna Machha

San Jose CE, Worked two years at Idea Cellular Limited

ID 539928

Ameya Joshi

Graduate Student in Software Engg; Full-Stack Web Developer; Android Application development; Startup experience; Scrum believer

ID 498277

Priya Dwivedula

Sr. Staff Firmware Engineer with Masters in EE, strong embedded firmware and software skills, worked at Broadcom and Motorola

ID 637798

Tejasvi Bojja

Actively seeking internship/ full-time position as a Web Developer,Mobile App Developer, Data Analyst.

ID 728672

Archit Agarwal

Graduate student at San Jose State University. Strong subject knowledge. Worked at Autodesk Inc, Schneider Electric, iZeneth Innovative Technologies.

ID 814148

Vimal Chandra Gorijala

Actively looking for Spring Internship.Masters student in CS at San Jose State University;Worked at Sonata Software Limited.

ID 569828

Dhananjay Patil

MS student at SJSU SE; Willing to work in a team which will allow me to apply and broaden my skills; Enthusiastic

ID 552818

Meher Farozan

MS Software Engineering student,San Jose State University; 2+ year experience at Oracle

ID 765085

Geeta Parab

Obtain a challenging position as a Network Engineer to utilize my skills to achieve organization goals.

ID 546016

Su B

Total 4 years of experience in software development. 3+ years of experience in Java/J2EE development. MS in Computer Software Engineering from San Jose State.

ID 816284

Andrew Thompson

Linux Ruby Cloud DevOps Automation Engineering w/ a focus of process encapsulation and repeatable workflows for infrastructure as code worked at Apple & Disney

ID 257884

Vidyacharana H Ramesh

Graduate Electrical Engineer from Arizona State University;Software Engineer at Robert Bosch,India

ID 564675

Naresh Guggilla

Worked at @ebay-inc, @dst-worldwide-services • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 525436

Prachi Gotkhindikar

Actively looking for entry-level software engineer positions

ID 743100

Sindhusha Doddapaneni

Actively Seeking internship/full-time job in Big data analytics & software development.Oracle Certified Java Programmer.Graduate Student in Computer Science

ID 831462

Vamshidhar Reddy Rapolu

Software Developer Intern at Ziontech Inc

ID 493746

Rajagopalan Venkataramanan

Graduate Student at San Jose State University, actively seeking software engineering internship.

ID 542294

Pukhraj Singh

Highly passionate about learning new things.

ID 621526

Kinnera Nanduri


ID 768787

Sanket Desai

Seeking challenging job in a company where I can utilize and enhance my skills in the field of Software engineering

ID 661567

Leonid Kolmanovsky

Automation is my middle name

ID 669109

Sravan Kumar

CS Grad student at San Jose State University; Deployed 3 android applications into Google Play; Working at Intel Corporation

ID 537081

Mintu Abraham

student at san jose state university

ID 551399

Sri Tej Narala

CS Grad Student -San Jose State University | 4 Years Experience in Java Development | Interested in Android/Java,Big data Analytics or Cloud based dev positions

ID 612314

Lakshmi Ganesh Muthuluru

SJSU SE, Looking for Summer/Fall 2014 Intern/co-op positions in the field of Software development/QA test Engineer.

ID 869023

Chintan Vadgama

An enthusiastic and passionate graduate student, pursuing masters in Electrical Engineering with specialisation in Computer Networking.

ID 818349

Pukhraj Singh

Seeking an Internship.

ID 842305

karan khare

Masters Computer Science New Grad SJSU,Web Development and iOS Development Enthusiast, Worked at startups

ID 397894


Looking to work on serious engineering problems. Would love to see others using my work. Looking to work with smart peers.

ID 508416

Naiya Shah

Seeking a challenging, growth oriented Software Engineering/ Development Internship for Summer 2014.

ID 586427

Dhwanil Karwa

MS-CS student at San Jose State Unviersity, Experience iOS app developer. Won WWDC 2014 Student Scholarship

ID 705191

Gokul Prasanna Jeyachandran

Arizona State University EE MASTERS, Proficient in Digital signal Processing, C/C++ programming, Matlab & Python Coding.

ID 860090

Anshul Sharma

Fulltime Graduate Student with specialization in Software Engineerng with 1.5 years of work experience as Software Engineer with Tata Consultancy Services 

ID 535693

Mohul Kaila

San Jose State Univ, Worked at an Indian Startup, Looking for similar challenging opportunites.

ID 169956

Vinh Nguyen

Work at @neightborcity. Founder at @axcoto. Love short,beautiful& high performance code! Work on both of front-end and back-end. Linux Sys skill.

ID 860964

Amit Chaudhary

Worked 2 years in Telecom Networking, Currently pursuing my masters at SJSU, Looking for intern/full time position in networking/network security/server admin.

ID 598700

Huzefa Siyamwala

Data Scientist at San Jose State University.

ID 778081

Muffadal Daginawala

Actively Seeking Internships in the field of Software Engineering for Spring'15/Summer'15

ID 603755

Surbhi Vijaywargia

Have 3 years of work experience.

ID 542268

Vidhi Shah

About to graduate. Have passion for mobile devlopement. Was ios intern at Paypal.

ID 725616

Janki Pandya

ID 512394

Parth Shah

Actively seeking internships. Currently pursuing master's in software engineering at San Jose State University

ID 511272

Sheetal Paranjpe

MS-SE at SJSU, co-founder of Purple Booth a website targeted at photographers.About 3 years of experience in a startup

ID 829806

Gaurav Bhardwaj

Masters student at SJSU, with around 2.7 years of Software Industry experience. Looking for part-time/full-time software development jobs.

ID 555013

Punit Sharma

M.S.(Software Engineering) student at San Jose State. Software Developer at Tata Consultancy Services. Software Development Intern at Schneider Electric.

ID 384859

Blake Williams

Chief Engineer at PrizeBox™, Software Engineer at Grocery Outlet, Inc., Web Developer at PetoVera, Web Developer at Tower Hill.

ID 597751

Akshar D Ranka

SJSU Computer Enineering, Actively looking for internships

ID 883393

Naba Chinde

Graduate Student in San Jose State University with specialization in Networking. Actively seeking for internships from Spring 2015.

ID 653457

Lakshmi Pradeep

Worked at Ruckus, Beceem & Iospan

ID 545172

Shreya Chandrasekhar

Tester at @tata-consultancy-services;MS in Biomedical Engineering @san-jose-state-university; interested in medical device testing and quality assurance

ID 593316

Elias Eldabbagh


Unhindered Innovator and Empathetic Pioneer -- Worked at @best-buy, @the-geek-squad • Studied at @california-state-university-sacramento.

ID 548244


Student pursuing MS in Software Engineering at San Jose State University with 3.5 years of Industry Experience, actively looking for summer internship

ID 796597

sagar ruchandani

Software Engineering Graduate Student at San Jose State University.

ID 832681

rohit chopra

Enthusiast developer, looking forward for internship in challenging field of developing RESTful web service and Web Application

ID 489663

Pranith Reddy Puchakayala

Student at San Jose State University;Actively looking for Full time/Internship opportunities;Currently working as an Intern at the Virtual Computing Environment

ID 759957

Veena Reddy Reguri

Actively Looking for Spring 2015 Internships

ID 787697

Deeksha Sudhakar

Have worked on Projects on REST API, deployed applications on Cloud, have hands on experience creating application using Salesforce and on aws platform.

ID 514533

Keyur Patel

Experienced in product management, Software development and Quality assurance for software products.

ID 812999

Xiaomeng Yi

San Jose State University, Computer Software Engineering, Looking for Web App and Mobile App Internship. Passion with programming and new technology.

ID 838362

Srijan Magapu

San Jose State University - MSSE, Research Assistant on campus and Instructional Student Assistant, worked as Manager Operations for IIIT - Hyderabad, India.

ID 708202

Pravin Prabhu


ID 488392

Neha Dube

Masters Student at San Jose State University, Worked at IBM Global Services.

ID 592372

Ramcharan Karnati

ID 542660

Jeet Shah

@sjsu CE, @1+ year work ex, @full-stack development, software, mobile develpment, databases @striving for excellence @passionate @creative

ID 824807

Edward Broeder

SJSU Student, developed many GUI applications and games, Java, C, C++, Objective-C experience.

ID 659268

Chaoqun Zhu

UCSD, Interested in mobile or API development, Looking for a software job.

ID 793700

Manuelito Jeremy Asuncion

Freshmen at San Jose State University; Computer Science Major; Self-Taught programmer

ID 680706

Varun Gore

Enrolled SJSU Comp Engg Student, ROR developer, Worked at

ID 363593

Padmaja Adhyam Nagarajan

full stack developer with 2.5 years work experience in java looking for full time. Worked at Exterro, Tata consultancy services

ID 566991

Abhinav Belide

Intern at eBay Inc (Big Data, Real Time Processing). Grad Student at SJSU - SE. Worked at Infosys Technologies. Developed web applications. Android applications

ID 506972

Yash Desai

Looking for a Full time opportunity as a Software Engineer.

ID 837964

Malavika Karthik

Worked at Microsoft - Dubai, Published research papers on cloud computing and context awareness, , 4th position in ACM ICPC -Middle east

ID 598640

Victor Frandsen

CS grad with 5+ years on site experience in tools and DevOps.

ID 100840


Seasoned server dev and architect.

ID 507164

Jyotika Banerjee

ID 598648

Kevin T. Ma

Years of extensive platform architecture background. Track record of success in leading resolution of complex business problems with scalable solutions.

ID 500481

Swapnil Pancholi

Worked at @accenture, @Tavant Technologies, @san-jose-state-university-1 • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 507530

vadiraj kulkarni

I completed academic projects in Android, Information Retrieval and Multi Variate Gesture Recognition

ID 321639

Tarun Sharma

Software Intern at Juniper Networks, interested in kernel development

ID 286892

Pray Desai

Solutions Architect @fujitsu • Studied MS Software Engg at @san-jose-state-university

ID 588496

Kiran Rokkam

San Jose State Computer Engineering with Network specialization,7 of exp.years on Cisco routers,Switches,Firewalls, F5 load balaners, TCP/IP

ID 561664

Anita Jebaraj

Student at San Jose State University actively looking for summer internship

ID 458781

Akshay Chaudhari

Graduate Student, Looking for full time opportunity. Android and Java developer. Published app in play store. 3+years exp.

ID 505885

Govind Kalyankar

MS in CS, Worked in Juniper, A10 & eTouch , Mostly worked as web app developer, Published paper in Motion learning using Kinect Xbox & Machine learning

ID 596243

Jaymit Shah

Graduate student at San Jose State;Experience in working with Java, HTML, Node.js, SQL and AWS; Worked at Zycus(Propellum) as a Content Developer

ID 528931

Vineet Bhatkoti

Master's Student at San Jose State University Worked at Splunk Inc & Infosys Technologies Limited

ID 535301

Pawan Shrivastava

Ms student at San Jose state. specializing in Cloud computing and Virtualization. Worked at Cognizant Technology solution as a Quality Analyst

ID 707597

Rohit Vobbilisetty

San Jose State CS, Seeking a challenging opportunity where I can make a difference

ID 508178

Pradyumna Kadapa

MS Software Engineering at SJSU, Software Developer at TCS(2010-2013). Actively seeking summer Internships

ID 597011

Sameer Save

Graduate student at SJSU, MS Software Engineering. Actively seeking Co-op/Full Time opportunities for Spring 2015.

ID 388389

Hitesh Ubharani

Staff Software Engineer - UI

ID 532999

Amulya Nedunuri

ID 437542

Shreyas Gundurao

Software Intern at HP Enterprise Security; Masters in Software Engineering from San Jose State University

ID 518697


Worked at @computer-sciences-corporation, @san-jose-state-university-1 • Studying at @san-jose-state-university

ID 862735

Pulkit Bansal

San Jose, Software Engineering, actively looking for internship

ID 342573

Karl Schramm

Stay tuned...

ID 507679

Darshan BG

San Jose State University, Masters in Software Engineering, 3 Years experience at Infosys Ltd.

ID 502286

Anup Gade

MS in SE SJSU, PGDAC, BE IT, Good in data structures and algorithms.

ID 512025

Bharat Savani

MS student at SJSU ; Ardently looking for challenging summer internship.

ID 716820

Shweta Shweta

SJSU CS,Build website ,Created Search Engine ,Developed Text Processing IDE

ID 594445

adel sadrolgharavi

Seeking internship / Co-op opportunities to apply my skills in a real-world situation and enhancing the skill set with full commitment to the organization.

ID 503307

Vimal Kumar

Computer Science Student @ SJSU , Worked at Accenture, Infosys

ID 523343

Mdm Tseng

ID 398163

Matilda Bernard

MS from San Jose State Univ, Google Summer of Code Intern, Python, Software Engineering

ID 706866

Mitesh Sanghvi

Looking for Internship in the field of Embedded Systems, Firmware Development & Hardware Design SJSU Computer Engineering Embedded Systems 5+ yrs of experience

ID 815180

Siddartha Reddy

CS graduate student at SJSU, Actively seeking internships in areas of Big data analytics, Database Design and Development, Application development in C++/Java

ID 317489

Jeremy White

Senior Developer, User Experience Demos; Team Lead; Rapid prototype developer, mobile, desktop, & server technologies;

ID 42552

Edgar Miranda

Software developer with experience

ID 768855

Parin Modi

A highly motivated individual looking for challenging job/internship as Software Developer.

ID 528964

Samhita Jayasimha

Firmware Engineer, actively involved in development and testing in the area of performance for CNA

ID 522568

Rahul Akurati

SJSU CmpE, Developed 4 web applications, Active part in frontend development

ID 573775

Poojitha Srinivasa

Masters Student ar SJSU; Worked at Cognizant Technology Solutions

ID 524857

Poornima Peddinti

Graduate student at San Jose State University - Actively seeking internship for Summer 2014

ID 770634

Akrati Mohta

San Jose State University,Software Engineering Masters. Actively looking for an internship.

ID 771120

Veebha Padavkar

Pursuing Masters in Computer Science, along with a 3 years work experience at IBM and HSBC sofware development, actively seeking for internship position

ID 361046



ID 750906

Pravin Agrawal

MS student at SJSU majoring in Software Engineering with focus on Cloud technologies, Search and Data mining. Worked at HP, Hightail Inc. & Persistent Systems

ID 543284

Pradyumna Upadhya

Embedded Grad Student. Looking for job related to Device driver, firmware ,OS development.

ID 730963

Peter Stadler

SJSU BS in CS Major, AS in Business Admin completed, 10 year US Army Veteran

ID 731453

Leona Cherla

Software Engineer, Actively looking for Spring 15 Internships

ID 754494

Nachappa A P

Experience in Data Warehousing domain(3years) - Expertise in NoSQL Technologies along with machine learning models - Big Data Mining - Web development

ID 561509

manushi doshi

M.S in Software Engineering,San Jose State University,Good Skills in Java,Flexible in working in a Distributed Team.Very keen to learn new technologies.

ID 480861

Vasanth Viswanathan

Full Stack Engineer, Internet Banking Application Development, Lead Delivery Anchor

ID 491361

Aishwarya Chakravarthy

Worked at @cognizant-technology-solutions • Studying Masters at @san-jose-state-university.

ID 501337

Shreya Shetty

worked at Cisco, Networking skills, Layer 2 to layer 7 good understanding

ID 535400

Pallavi Khandekar

Actively looking for challenging Software Engineering full time opportunities

ID 577907

Sindhu Shashidhara

3 projects on REST Webservices, MySQL, NoSQL, BitCoin Payment processor, Worked at Accenture

ID 814464

ankita behl

Actively seeking Spring '15 Internship

ID 642166

Praneeth Sangineni

Developed three websites and an android app.

ID 866676

Shruti A Sharma

OMA Device management expert, worked in development of framework for android phones

ID 794481

Mrugen Deshmukh

SJSU Masters in Software Engineering; 3 Yrs of experience in Enterprise software development with Java,Spring,Scala,Javascript,MongoDB.

ID 681839

Abhiteja Gajjala

Masters student at San Jose State University - CS. Worked at Juniper, Cognizant. Looking for a challenging Internship to improve my skills and experience

ID 653692

Erik Macias

CS San Jose State Student; Dean Scholar; Seeking opportinunity to learn new skills and put those skills to practice

ID 695143

Alouise Quiatchon

MS Degree at San Jose State University. Launched 1 web tool during Cisco internship. Developed 2 web apps and 1 game. Works as a contractor at Google.

ID 819833

Sovisit Thou

SJSU Computer Engineering graduate. Has strong passion for digital design. Self motivator who has demonstrated strong management ability.

ID 599657

noorinbano shaikh

San Jose State University ,Electrical Engineer,Specializing in networks,Routing ,Switching ,Configuration,Troubleshooting ,Scripting and Coding .

ID 549992

Shreya Subhlok

Worked at @volotek-software-pvt-ltd • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 548196

John Wang

Developer, designer, evangelist. Worked at YC backed

ID 519540

Mohammed Raashid Kheruwala

MS Graduate student SJSU, Software Engineering Intern at Ericsson North America and Software Engineer(Full time) with Tata Consultancy Services for 3 years.

ID 772445

Zayna Shahzad

Software Engineer.

ID 382641

Harshad Patel

Expert app, extensions & web developer which engineering degree. Strong business background (GE, Genpact, Swiss Re, Nissan, Cisco). Six Sigma Black Belt

ID 838297

santosh madugundi

Masters Student at Sanjose state university Looking for internship in the field of software engineering

ID 540322

Jackson Yip

Manufacturing Test Development for wifi phone and Ethernet products, Hardware DVT experience

ID 394895

Abinaya Sarva

Developed successful android apps, looking for challenging roles

ID 758441

Goutam Adwant

MS Student at San Jose State University;Interested in Java, Web UI, and Android Application development; Worked at Infosys Limited.

ID 342670

Amol Mundayoor

Computer engineer, Android developer, Content curator for Google Play

ID 760456

Rishabh Sanghvi

Worked as SQL DBA for 3 years, have hands on experience on Java.

ID 194690

Sanghamithra Sishtla

Enthusiastic NCG, Hand-on experience on QA and testing

ID 598657

Lubnagazal Attarwale

Full stack programmer, 3 years experienced in Java, SQL, JavaScript, HTML

ID 574379

Preeti Borade

ID 512399

Ankita Kaul

Actively seeking summer internships and currently pursuing masters in software engineering at San Jose State University.

ID 609932

BV Karthi Ambalam

SJSU Software Engineering, Actively Searching for Internship

ID 488103

Francisco Orozco

Front-End Developer Graduate of SJSU Design Program and General Assembly, Proficient in Developing Web Applications using All Front End Technologies and Ruby

ID 496543

Ashwini Shekar

Masters at San Jose State University; Software Engineer Intern at Lam Research Corporation

ID 802454

Niravkumar Patel

CS grad at San Jose State University. Worked as a Systems Engineer in a product "TCS BaNCS".

ID 445107

Geethu Aby

Advanced JAVA developer, Strong DB Skills, Strong foundations in data structures and algorithms

ID 532870

Dhruven Shah

Full Stack Generalist launched and maintained 3 corporate websites which are still running.

ID 638349

Pradeep Balaji SureshKumar

Seeking full time opportunity in the Computer Networking Field to work as a Network Software Dev/Test/QA Engineer

ID 495027

Hari Babu

Worked at Infosys Technologies. Currently student at SJSU. Actively looking for summer internship 2014

ID 753879

Devika Dn

Graduate Student at San Jose State University; Worked at Wipro Technologies.

ID 541120

Divya Mownika Pasupuleti

Graduate Comp Eng specialized in Networking, Cloud and Virtualization with 2 years of IT services Industry experience, looking for Full-time opportunities.

ID 96190


First project was e-commerce in high school. Fell in love with technology + startups + design since then. >6 years professional LAMP stack experience.

ID 834529

Piyush Seth

Seeking internship as software engineer , posses industry work experience of 3.6 years, Graduate student at SJSU, San Jose

ID 278973

Elton Sanchez

San Jose State B.S. CS; Worked at Ricoh, PHP and Java web development core strengths; full-stack LAMP startup work at Vidality, Unity developer for PCZ Studios

ID 492506

Madan Kumar Vijayakumar

Graduate Student at SJSU, Worked at Tata consultancy service, Product Lifecycle Management(Ematrix) developer, Microsoft certified professional in hardware and networking,

ID 531395

Medha Srivatsa

Graduate student at San Jose State University. Pursuing master's degree in Software Engineering and specializing in Cloud Computing and Enterprise Software Technologies

ID 495797

Sarath Gupta


ID 605660

Amrit Ashesh

Actively seeking Internship opportunity for Summer 2014 in fields of Software Engineering / Computer Science

ID 393653

namisha goyal

Actively Looking for Internship In the field of Software Quality and Assurance.

ID 510397

Tanuvir Singh

CS Graduate with 3.5 year work ex, looking for Summer Intern Positions.

ID 585142

Pooja B. Mishra

SJSU CS, 2nd topper in Pune Univeristy among 20000 students and awarded with rising star title in Zensar technologies

ID 725451

Nikita Varma

Pursuing Masters in Software Engineering at SJSU. Actively seeking Internship opportunity. Scrum Master & UI developer Intern at Autodesk (Summer Internship).

ID 460756

Joshua Wertheim

San Jose State University Computer Science student, programmer, mobile devices, successfully launched iOS app, quick learner

ID 524746

Vijaylakshmi K Patil

Highly motivated individual seeking for an internship in the field of Software Engineering

ID 600027

Maulika Vashishtha

Masters Student in Electrical Engineering majoring in Computer networks at San Jose State University. I have secured 92%(A Grade) in the course named Internetworking in my first Semester.

ID 801220

Yogesh Wattamwar

Seeking a challenging Spring/Summer Internship in Software Development to gain valuable industry experience

ID 510394

Hardik Joshi

Actively seeking internship for summer 2014 - Graduate Student at San Jose State University

ID 647112

Ashik Kuthyar Hariprasad

Actively looking for summer internship and/or fall coop opportunities.

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