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ID 613167

venkataraman valady ganesan

MS Software Engg graduate, Front-end developer, have experience building Android apps and back-end development. Worked at Paypal,Lam Research.Looking for jobs

ID 62785

Brian Delaney

UI / UX Design & Front-End Code

ID 834221

Ben Wu

ID 613117

Yi-Chun (Aiko) Lin

Master Student at UW HCDE seeking for front end developing internship opportunities; Interned at Microsoft, with CS, management, and UX background

ID 714742

David Trinh

Web Developer | snowboarder

ID 348732

Bao Thien Ngo

Developer at @planwise

ID 164638

Ravi Bhat

Stanford educated, certified, software architect, in the web front-end industry. Experienced in full software development life cycles.

ID 37860

Sean Gates

Front-end Lead/Manager @progreso-financiero, Chief Architect and Co-Founder at @halftale

ID 868481

River Liu

I am a proactive product manager with 4 years development experience and 4 years product management experience with 3 website management.

ID 800291

Yi-Ming Chen

Experienced product development manager; Creative thinking and Strong problem solving of new product system. Love new challenge and learning.

ID 142074

Chadwick Horn

Graduated with a double major in Computer Science and Biology from @stanford-university. Avid sweat equity investor in promising startups.

ID 70740

Marius Craciunoiu

ID 426506

Rebecca Chen

Creative designer and front-end web developer with a passion for designing and developing visually appealing web solutions.

ID 818449

Minh Nguyen

Ardent defender of diacritics everywhere Stanford CS → Microsoft → Apple Cofounded Vietnamese Wikipedia

ID 69319

Alamgir Mand

Berkeley Haas, self-taught engineer, worked on three startups

ID 186466

Arash Zolfaghari

Passionate full-stack developer. Enjoy working on both front-end UX design as well as backend design and architecture. Life long tinkerer of all things tech + Photographer!

ID 61426

Carol Gunby

Ex- @youtube, @paypal. UX generalist with over a decade of content and front-end dev experience, now studying UX design to be a full-fledged UX unicorn.

ID 440821

Kei Oka

Internship at startup in Japan. I do HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Ruby. I am major in international business. Looking for a job in San francisco.

ID 428488

James William Hamill

I'm a student of Psychology and Entrepreneurship with previous work experience in marketing, and social media for tech startups.

ID 706692

Ian Wessen

Front-end web developer and designer with a physics education.

ID 112666

Neil Sharma

UC Berkeley Engineer and Startup Founder. I build tech and design product.

ID 814148

Vimal Chandra Gorijala

Actively looking for Spring Internship.Masters student in CS at San Jose State University;Worked at Sonata Software Limited.

ID 837002

Shilpa Kumar

Front-End Developer/Web Designer, Former intern at the New York Philharmonic (Web development), Smith College graduate

ID 322577

Julio Garcia

Web developer

ID 627288

David Davis

Responsive web development, HTML5, CSS3 with SCSS, JavaScript (primarily jQuery) and PHP. Learning Angular.js and am interested in HTML5 app building.

ID 866671

Aparna Shikhare

Computer Science Graduate student at SJSU with work experience of 2.5 years with Infosys

ID 453739

Naveen Dewda

Software Engineer @syncbak • Studied @university-of-iowa

ID 539928

Ameya Joshi

Graduate Student in Software Engg; Full-Stack Web Developer; Android Application development; Startup experience; Scrum believer

ID 836940

Ankita Kapratwar

Actively looking for Spring 2015 internship opportunity | Computer Science Graduate at San Jose State University

ID 772803

Lisa Ha

Full Stack Web Developer

ID 872984

Asha Khokale

Software engineer in C/C++; Experienced in analyzing business requirements and technology needs; Writing test cases and test procedures in Python and LUA

ID 673488

Jesse Bones

Nearly 15 Years of Experience in Visual Design.

ID 810014

Yusuke Sato

UC Irvine CS, Completed several game projects, Seeking entry-level software engineer/web developer job

ID 792305

Tejaswini KotamReddy

Graduate student at SJSU; Smart Phone Application Developer; Cloud Computing and virtualization major.

ID 820435

Arjun Shah

Actively seeking Internship opportunities for Spring/Summer 2015 | CS Graduate Student at San Jose State University

ID 831572

Huy Pham

ID 80152

Paris Vega

UX Designer/Product Manager at a handful of startups. On a mission to find heroes and help them change the world. Let's talk over coffee and bacon.

ID 376547

Pradeep Dewda

MTS at VMware. MS from University of Florida,. 3 yrs of software industry experience.

ID 820657

Ryan Selewicz

Web Enginerring & Design at SCU | Intranet Product Management, Web Development, UX, & Analytics at Adobe | Photographer | Yearbook & Digital Publishing Guru

ID 823755

Srikanth Ashokkumar

UC Irvine BS and BA, worked at startup from ground level to fruition. Strong Web Development and Design background along with hardware and software IT,,,,,,,

ID 731192

Akshay Saini

San Jose State Graduate, Software Engineering, Diversified software engineering experience of about 2.5 years.

ID 609892

Emily Marsh

Quirky but ambitious. Determined, and energetic and looking to learn and grow at every opportunity. (Have Full Resume available upon request)

ID 548196

John Wang

Developer, designer, evangelist. Worked at YC backed

ID 743100

Sindhusha Doddapaneni

Actively Seeking internship/full-time job in Big data analytics & software development.Oracle Certified Java Programmer.Graduate Student in Computer Science

ID 837964

Malavika Karthik

Worked at Microsoft - Dubai, Published research papers on cloud computing and context awareness, , 4th position in ACM ICPC -Middle east

ID 675996

Moe Hosseini

Seven years of Web Development in startup scene, four of which I've been doing Front End. Lets build something great together! :)

ID 488103

Francisco Orozco

Front-End Developer Graduate of SJSU Design Program and General Assembly, Proficient in Developing Web Applications using All Front End Technologies and Ruby

ID 759957

Veena Reddy Reguri

Actively Looking for Spring 2015 Internships

ID 768787

Sanket Desai

Seeking challenging job in a company where I can utilize and enhance my skills in the field of Software engineering

ID 637798

Tejasvi Bojja

Actively seeking internship/ full-time position as a Web Developer,Mobile App Developer, Data Analyst.

ID 169956

Vinh Nguyen

Work at @neightborcity. Founder at @axcoto. Love short,beautiful& high performance code! Work on both of front-end and back-end. Linux Sys skill.

ID 876423


Graduate student at University at Buffalo seeking Full-time positions in Computer hardware design / Embedded sector

ID 460756

Joshua Wertheim

San Jose State University Computer Science student, programmer, mobile devices, successfully launched iOS app, quick learner

ID 522568

Rahul Akurati

SJSU CmpE, Developed 4 web applications, Active part in frontend development

ID 770634

Akrati Mohta

San Jose State University,Software Engineering Masters. Actively looking for an internship.

ID 831462

Vamshidhar Reddy Rapolu

Software Developer Intern at Ziontech Inc

ID 842305

karan khare

Masters Computer Science New Grad SJSU,Web Development and iOS Development Enthusiast, Worked at startups

ID 812999

Xiaomeng Yi

San Jose State University, Computer Software Engineering, Looking for Web App and Mobile App Internship. Passion with programming and new technology.

ID 869023

Chintan Vadgama

An enthusiastic and passionate graduate student, pursuing masters in Electrical Engineering with specialisation in Computer Networking.

ID 771120

Veebha Padavkar

Pursuing Masters in Computer Science, along with a 3 years work experience at IBM and HSBC sofware development, actively seeking for internship position

ID 768855

Parin Modi

A highly motivated individual looking for challenging job/internship as Software Developer.

ID 834529

Piyush Seth

Seeking internship as software engineer , posses industry work experience of 3.6 years, Graduate student at SJSU, San Jose

ID 801220

Yogesh Wattamwar

Seeking a challenging Spring/Summer Internship in Software Development to gain valuable industry experience

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